Help with Dead Energy

Hi all,

I was trained as a psychopomp by Harner’s Foundation, so the idea is new to me. How do I start to work with dead energy? I’d say I felt it very briefly recently, working with the elements.

What does this energy allow you to do other than its uses in baleful arts?


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Store it in things, create energy bottles and use black coloured crystals. not sure how many uses it has beyond that and alchemical transformation, taking it in then turning it into different energies.

Good to see another FSS-trained person on here btw! :smiley:

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Likewise! Finished my psychopomp training a month ago.

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Think of it as something similar to radiation but with a few additional properties. You can use it to drastically increase your ability to vamp others and so heal yourself or others with the stolen energy. Use it selectively kill things like plants or pests though some appear to be immune like fleas I haven’t observed much permanent effect. They seem to die off but then grow resistant.
You can use it to commune shades or access layers of the astral you otherwise wouldn’t be able too.
Overall it is one of those types of energy that is overall detrimental unless you are dead or are very careful with it and use these traits to your advantage.

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