Help with Curse to Kill

Hello Everyone,

I am a long time stalker but have never needed assistance they way I do now.

I have been practicing Magick for about 1 year/half. I’ve used mostly hoodoo spells as well as black magic with the assistance of my diety Kali.

Most of my spells have been effective from ammonia jars, lime spells, vinegar jars, banishing candle Magick spells.

I’ve hit a roadblock recently with one particular person. I am literally just sick of dealing with him but I haven’t banished or cursed him yet for 2 reasons:

  1. He is my ex-husband and the father of my children and I want to ensure that my children will not be in any way harmed. My goals are to have him participate as minimally as possible in our lives and form to energetically MOVE ON and forget about me.
  2. I actually want him dead, and relatively soon. But I am not sure of which spells would be most effective.

I have never performed a cursing spell and I want some suggestions for a good spell to use which would involve Kali.

Thank you to all!

Not trying to come off as that guy (:grin:) but sometimes the best spells come straight from the spirits themselves. Have you tried asking her what she recommends?


OMG…no I haven’t even thought of that… :expressionless: I feel like a noob.

Most of my spirit communication is telepathic and she has never been very talkative. I will ask her if she has any suggestions.

Do you have any suggestions for keeping my kids out of the curse?

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I’ve never worked with Kali so I can’t comment as to how her energy manifests (i.e. is she wild, chaotic and uncontrolled, directed and heavy, etc?) but all I can recommend is to be very precise with your wording when you state your desire.

Thank You!

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A modified freezer spell? To hold them out of it but also hold thier will away from protecting the father.

I had a similar situation and found the death curse thwarted by my own kid, who turned out to me a natural mage when he turned 15, with a very strong will. As indeed I raised him to, but still, it’s not always in line with my own.


Thanks for that; I just want to keep my kids safe. They are very young.