Help with conception

Hi, I am only used to sigil work and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about helping a couple conceive? My friend has lost two children through stress due to her extended family giving her major hassle and I feel for her. She and her partner would love a child and I was wondering if you know of one of the goetia that would be helpful? Also she needs to sort her family issues out as they don’t care about the stress that caused her to lose these babies. From memory I think there may be one of the Geotia that can make you infertile but Stephanie Connolly’s book says the demon can be used for conception also. I am a bit confused!

Kill her family

lol just kidding.

But seriously, since they’re the source of stress remove them from your friend… Agares can help in getting rid of people.

dunno about conception itself, perhaps a goddess or a demoness that work with fertility ?

I would like to find a way to influence them (her relatives) to stay away. They are heartless people who believe that money and control is the only way. They spread lies about her and just cause constant heartache, she was accused of supplying drugs (she hates drugs) and the police had her house raided and she was out in a cell whilst pregnant, only to lose the child a few days later. They told the police a string of lies which is so sad as she hasnt had a good sleep for 2 years! I cant really evocate very well, can I ask if there are any known magicians other than EA (out of price range) that could help? I would love the best for her. Thanks!

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There was one in Konstantinos’ book Summoning Spirits, which makes infertile men and women, fertile again.

Check it out.

Wow what a family. We lost a child when we were young and whole family from little per teen cousins to the great grand parents were devastated. Sounds like she needs to loose the family first, maybe infertility is not the issue but stress from these subhumans. Sad, wish I knew of a spirit.

[quote=“Seeker, post:5, topic:2361”]There was one in Konstantinos’ book Summoning Spirits, which makes infertile men and women, fertile again.

Check it out.[/quote]

That would be Hagith

Seems like she needs to be in a position to be able to protect any child she does give birth to - if they’re carrying on with this after a baby’s born, it’s going to suck for that kid and risk them growing up dysfunctional themselves, and maybe becoming a runaway, or turning against her.

I’d suggest helping her find out why she’s manifesting this bullshit in her life - why does she tolerate it? What are her beliefs, values and so on, that are allowing them to treat her in this way, and she’s sticking round for more of the same?

There’s something about her which is part participating in this drama and until she becomes aware of that and sorts it out, she’ll risk bringing the child up to suffer.

I’m not being hard-hearted saying that, my own family drew particular types of dramas over and over again, and I had to recognise them and move past them when I younger.

Any bad situation we’re in, no matter how hard or how nasty, we are in part responsible for, even if only by refusing to leave (or take effective action) when people treat us badly - however it’s not always easy to see that when we’re struggling day to day, in the middle of the whirlwind.

Maybe helping her to become spiritually free to see what her part in this is, would help facilitate conception - the type of soul that would want to be born into this chaos is probably not going to bring her a lot of joy as its mother.

Babies are so gross. Eww. How about a rescue dog or beta fish? Lizard?
But if she really wants this horrible infection inside her she should work on physical health to be able to handle stress better. Perhaps yoga is a good idea.

Change the inmediate emotional enviroment, is a healthy intelligent choice to improve her health.

Killing the family may have a bad effect on her, so I don’t think it should be consider (…until after the child’s birth…) but getting them away from her, or her away from them is a great first step.

Agares can help!

And for handling stress… a water elemental perhaps? I’ve never worked with one before so I can not tell…

Lady Eva I am not having a dig at you but some of the things you have said are way too harsh. This woman has an elderly mother in her life and that is the reason why she still stays in the same location. It is her extended family that are butting in, she is the focus as they are after the mum’s property and that is the main issue. Her husband is great and has knocked 7 bells out of a few of the relatives so he is a good physical and mental protector. My thoughts are more on helping her with a little extra support, if she had a child she would protect it and never ever let the child suffer!

She intends to move soon when the mum goes into a home but until then she needs some protection. There is no evidence that her kid would be a runaway or dysfunctional, that is a real harsh thing to say. She would never let that child near any of these twats and her husband and her would make great parents, given half the chance.

People just need to fuck off and leave them alone. Actually I heard tonight that she is calling the cops to report all this shit to put an end to it.

Everyone deserves a chance…

Can anyone advise also on Agares, never used his sigil before.

Thx to everyone to take the time to answer.

Dawnie, I apologise if you felt what I said was harsh. Seriously, I come from a family that had its outliers, runaways who we’d only hear from when they’d been beaten and were in hospital needing a lift home, and so on - perhaps that influenced my thoughts.

My primary point however is that no-one’s a victim, but it can be hard to find that power when we’re in the middle of dealing with the fallout.

I think it’s great that she’s getting the police involved, and hope it works out well for them all. Have you tried a freeze spell (details) on them? I did that on some troublesome step-family and it worked, and it’s very simple to do - but very effective.

Yes! I helped her freeze them recently and it is working, so simple and effective, thanks for your advice, I come a real crap family myself, they are so unlike me, they harbour a lot of hate, it is so strange that some family members can be really nice people and others can be total assholes! thanks again

Still need help on this issue? I’m curious if I can lend a hand. And by me, I mean refer you to Uncle Chuckie.

Seriosuly, though. When the spell wears thin (Like TWF’s did- I’m sure you can find it floating in this forum somewhere) you’re going to either need to freeze them again or if the child is born you might need to assess the situation and determine a way of removing the family.

In addition to some psionics, I’d throw in a “balance familiar” to help even out the effect and actual timing of the spell, and to settle your internal alchemy.

Also, if you’re looking to relieve her of stress, or both of them, toss some thoughtforms their way. Shields, preferably. “Radiating down on them like the sun”, as UC would call it.

Do they know of your Ascent? If not, do you have access to their house when they’re not around? I recommend warding their primary abode. Even if it means setting up a thoughtform to block negative energy.

I can’t help you with the actual conception, though. I’m interested in hearing from you on this.