Help with banishing a strong entity

If someone’s advanced in banishing magic and would do me a great deed
There is some type of super stubborn and strong spirit located in my genital area sucking energy from me and sabotage my love life
I’ll fight this spirit with tooth and nail with salt, fire and water but I guess I’m not that advance yet…
I think I cause it a fair bit of distress but it won’t let go
I’ve done the lesser banishing ritual but it always seemed to come back

Any help, advice or information is much appreciated!


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This is going to sound odd, but Tiamat came to mind. Perhaps it would be wise to try petitioning her for aid in your banishment. If you need some information on her, I believe there was an interview done with her as the focus on EA’s YouTube channel.

Also, have you tried smudging ( burning sage, pine or pablo santo)? Silly question but it can be overlooked at times.

Is tiamat known as a dragon?
I think you might be right because my guides have told me that I’m up against a giant dragon and when I fought it, it has taken the shape of a dragon…
I’m I fucked??

I meant tiamat as someone to petition for helping you drive the spirit out. tiamat does take a form of a dragon but I wouldn’t see it as being her unless you purposely went out of your way to fuck with her or someone she favors. But if what you are fighting is a dragon, what better ally to have than the favor of another dragon who is also a creation goddess of chaotic seas?

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Here’s the interview I mentioned