Help with azazel

Yesterday azazel took over my body and I stood up out knowwhere I did a ritual as he showed me step by step word for word I even started speaking another language afterwards I had a high that I’ve never seen before. Was the most fantastic feeling I’ve ever had I could feel his power flowing thru me. I freaked a few people out by the way but he kind of made me do it or else I would have did it in a private setting DOES ANYONE KNOW what is his reason for doing this another words is it a good thing or not and what it means

i love it when shit like this happens to me. hopefully you wrote down what you did in a journal and recorded some of the words you spoke.

as far as if its good or bad i think that all depends on your mindset. if you wanted to acquire power and made a deal with him to get it, well then your chickens have come home to roost as they say.

as far as Azazel’s reasoning for grabbing you and possessing you to do an unknown ritual, i have only this to say: those who wish to follow this path may say certain things to certain spirits without specifying the means in which the end is to be brought. if no mean is specified then the spirits work independent of the magician, often unexpectedly or to the detriment of the magician, but keeping that in mind the first thing you asked for WILL be brought about whether you like it or not.

so what did you ask for?

I agree with WiseManEcho, and I think you need to see about laying some heavy boundaries down about what is acceptable, and what’s not - if you get a reputation for being mentally unstable, or evil, or whatever, that could really mess your life us.

Other than that, it sounds like a very good thing insofar as you’ve made substantial links with Azazel and he’s able to communicate clearly with you!

I asked for power also asked for peace in my house and for him to lead me to knowledge I was clear in what I asked for as in knowing what he’s known to help with wasn’t anything bad I did ask for assistance with my enemys as in to let him deal with them how he seen fit I did write it down what I remembered anyways will say tho I took everyones advice here about doing my prep work matter of fact I wasn’t even ready to do it at this point I guess he thought different

I was scared in a sense but after it was done I felt a calmness I have never felt before like he told me don’t worry about anything I will take care of it for you I have done some research about it to see what has happened to others I seen one person who had a similar experience but mine I didn’t feel sadness I felt extreme power and guidance