Help with azazel

Can anyone help confirm azazel is reaching out to me?
And possibly what for
I would appreciate it genuinely

Sorry, we’re not a messaging service. And many spirits don’t like it if we try. They will usually respond with “Tell them to contact me themselves.”


I agree with DarkestKnight, and I would add, if you think he is, that thought came to you from somewhere. Whether it’s inside yourself of from him doesn’t matter, it’s a good thing to honour your intuition, as doing that gets you more of it, and not doing it shuts it down.

So I’d say, go for it and start the conversation. :slight_smile:


I had about 3 dreams about azazel almost back to back yet I idk how to start a conversation nor are my senses opened yet.

I don’t see why a spirit wouldn’t accept me asking for help to reach it I appreciate your response

The best thing you can do is face East Azazel 's direction (South is ok too) draw his sigil and do a ritual calling him through his Enns
Eya on ca Azazel aken
Itz rel Itz rel Azazel
With candle (preferably Black) and libation (water preferably fresh from a river for its purity to enchant) and tell him to manifest the night through dreams or other way you need to communicate with you.


Greatly appreciate your help :pray:

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