Help with Amon

I will try to write my opinion amd knowledge about Amaymon and Amon differences and touches, and who is best for what once I fimish working my shift today.
Have had plenty of experience with both.
I hope I remember!!!

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i see amon everywhere i am planning either tonight or tommorow to call him

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I got in contact with someone again.
Got them to talk to me more.

Working with Amon with something else right now and really hoping that it’ll help my situation because if not, I’m out of ideas to what to do.


What method are you using?

Opened his sigil and talked to him about my situation and then asking him to help me.
Write their full name and birthdate on a small piece of paper then drawing the sigil over it and charging the sigil then talk to it like it’s them and after that keep it in your phone case.


Wow! How long until this worked for you?
I did this to her photo but so far nothing has happened. We aren’t talking at all…


Did it a few times and every time I got results within four days



As I promised some posts ago, I am gonna write the main differences between Amon (Ra) and Amaymon.

On one hand, Amaymon is a lovely demon under the command of Lucifer. He is great, empathetic and sweet when treated with respect. He excels at helping people emerging from a bad period of crisis in their lives. Speaking clearly, he is an expert in helping people who are in deep shit and cannot get their life together. He will support you and show you the way out of the crisis. He works slowly but steady. He is a “dark” entity, so please avoid any cocky christian/monotheist implication (no offense intended) on the lines of “Through the power of God I command you demon to obey me”, because he doesn’t tolerate shit, and won’t help you. If respected, he is able to help you become the phoenix of your own story, being able to rise from the ashes. The Order of the Unveiled Faces have a very similar perception of Amaymon.

On the other hand, Amon (Ra) could be considered a “light” entity, even though he is related to the Dark(Dormant) part of the sun, the inner Core. Therefore, due to its “light” nature (and lack of bad reputation, contrary to the demons) he can be treated as any other “light” deity (again, no offense intended, cockiness should be avoided regardless of the nature of the entity). He is an expert at helping you with getting to know yourself better (traits, flaws and virtues) and exploit that newly gained information to make yourself shine, using the metaphor of the inner dormant sun being you, needing some tiny help to shine and transform to a “full sun”. This could be applied for self-consciousness, magical purposes, academic results, job seeking, etc. In my personal opinion, once he has helped you with this (and once you thank him), it is better to move on to a more “solar/light” entity, to help you fuel the fire from your inner Sun/new you just awoken. Examples of this could be Ra, Lucifer,Alaunus, Olwen, Sunne, Helios, Apollo, Amaterasu, Sol, etc.

As you can see, both have the connotation of “rebirth” and getting to find the “light/flames” to progress in different ways, but each one with a slight different touch.

What are your thoughts about this?

I hope this has helped.


Thanks for this, has all 72 noice

@Angeela I’ve been working on contacting Amon but haven’t gone so far as to specifically evoke him yet. Though yesterday I was asking Amon to give me some tips on how to address my situation in a dream and I felt like the air around my head got heavier and, I dunno if this was my thoughts or Amin’s advice but it felt like an “I’m not doing that; but have faith in what’s happening.”


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I can’t tell you if it was a success or not. I’m bad at that kind of stuff.
For me I just kind of either believe that it was a success or I don’t.
I guess you’re not supposed to ask if it was a success because you should know it in your heart already or maybe not lol Idk.
I wish I knew but I’m as clueless as you.

But people here do say that if you talk they listen or even talk back if you can hear them.
I talk to Amon sometimes, not as much as I used to but still and I do talk to Lucifer, I just kind of ”expect” (don’t really know how to explain) them to hear me whenever I call their name because I feel like we’ve established a kind of relationship I guess.

So if you feel like he’s spoken to you then that’s what it is, true or not you still got a message and that’s something right? Some success


Weeeeeell I talked to someone, and today, I keep seeing animals hanging out in pairs in strange-ish places which feels pretty good to me.

So success!!!

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I tried to contact amon. Not sure if he heard or whatever but I know I asked for him to give me a sign in my dreams if he’d help. that night I kept dreaming of my poi… I dreampt it was me and my ex getting back together but the new found arrangement we had set up I was finally good with and we were good. Not sure if it was a sign or just my brain being weird but I’m deciding to take it as a sign.
Hopefully it works out. Anyone who’s good at interpreting dreams feel free to try with that one.


Im a beginner and i would like to work with Amon is he a good spirit to work with?