Help with a spread

A coworker of mine is offering spreads on a question of choice (We’re stood down at the moment from work until at least October :sob:) So I thought I’d buy one from her. She focused on my love life (my love life is fine btw :joy:) instead of my actual question :joy: she’s a sensitive girl so I’d rather not correct her. :joy:

So here’s my spread and my question was just a basic one…

“Did lucifer accept my request to become my teacher and does he have any advice for me?”

So far I’ve worked out the number 15 (turns out its the devil card) so thats 2 good signs right?

3 of cups: Celebration, friendship, creativity, collaborations.

The Hierophant: Spiritual wisdom

The Chariot: Control, willpower, success, action, determination

From what I get, it all looks like a Yes :+1: I just need to work at it?

Can anyone tell me anything else please?

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Did the reader specify what the positions in the spread mean? Usually each position represents something specific, like “the self” or “external influences” or “the past,” etc.

In general though, yeah these are pretty good omens. The Devil showing up when working with Lucifer is obviously a good sign. The Hierophant can mean more than just spiritual wisdom, and more generally represents the passing on of knowledge of any sort, usually by an established authority figure or institution.

The other two are probably more along the lines of advice. The Chariot represents control over our lives in a mundane sense. There is a sense of force involved with the Chariot. The driver holds together the chaotic forces of life through sheer will and the power of his reigns. The three of cups represents community.

It would be very helpful if the positions in the spread were marked so it would be more clear what the cards are trying to say, but it seems that the middle two are a way of answering your question, while the outer two are giving the advice. Assuming that they are connected (I could be wrong, there’s no way to tell without labels), the advice could be to take more control over your friendships and/or community. If you want more (or better) friends, then you need to go out and meet people or re-connect with old acquaintances. I’ve worked with Lucifer to make some new friends before, so he could help you there.

Also, if you paid for this reading and this is all you got, you got scammed pretty hard. Unless there’s more to it than you shared, all she did was throw down some cards and list off the keywords in the little reference guide the deck comes with. The only reason I don’t offer tarot readings at this exact moment is because I still need to become just a bit more comfortable with working from memory. I don’t charge for this here because it takes me five minutes and I enjoy doing it. Anyone can call themselves a “psychic” and shuffle around some tarot cards, that doesn’t mean they’ll give you a good reading.

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I’m sorry I didn’t add but it was ‘Past, present, future’
She wrote a bit down but it was all to do with my love life and not the question I asked.

Thank you so much for all your detail.

What is the forth card about if it was past/present/future?

Also… if she focused on your love life, she might also asked a question about your love life? Are you sure she asked the question you wrote above? Because the question has an influence of the answers obviously.

She did ask the question, and all she said about it was that your spirit guides are here, to concentrate on meditation and something about good and evil.

She added the 3 cards up to equal the forth. So I have no idea what it means.

I only paid $10 for the reading so, no skin off my teeth. She’s relatively new so wasn’t expecting a whole lot. Good experience for her.