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Hello, my name is Danielle and I am new to this type of magic. I have been studying mostly with white magic until I found two really like working with DNA menstrual blood, Hair, etc.

I recently had some stuff happen in my life that has left my soul completely shattered.

To tell you how it all began I will say that I met my twin flame, everything happened really fast and I got pregnant 2 months after we officially started dating. Now, everything happened really fast when we were still in the getting to know each other face. But we were completely in love and both believed to be each other soulmate, I even changed his mind about marriage cuz that’s something he never thought about doing and he was wanting to marry me after a month!

Now I know I have my flaws like any person I suffer from anxiety and he wasn’t used to having a female that actually cared about him and was worried about losing him I guess. So over time I pushed him away and he tried to break up with me when I was like 8 months pregnant, and then he agreed to work on things he told me some of the things that was bothering him and I stepped up and I fix those things in the relationship because I needed to be fixed anyways. But he didn’t tell me everything that was bothering him so as I was fixing some things they were still some things lacking and they were things that needed to be fixed obviously and anyone would agree with that and I can go in the detail with those things if need be. But I’ve tried some white magic spells myself, I’ve also tried doing a spell with menstrual blood, and I’ve tried feeding him menstrual blood as well. I don’t know if it’s my energy around me because of how sad I am, or that I’m trying to mentally rush it, or just the fact that I just wanted to happen so fast I haven’t had much success.

He’s telling me that he thinks we need to see other people, and I actually hired a spellcaster that use the method of sweetening him to me and it seems to work but then we do get into arguments because he sees me upset and he doesn’t like it when I’m upset it like said Tim off I think it’s because it makes him feel guilty and he doesn’t like that?

Just to get to the point I have been doing a little bit of research and I was wanting to form a pact with a galatia that specializes in love and breakups more specifically I was thinking gaap or asmodeus? Now does anyone have any tips on working with them? Or have any of you formed a pact in order to bring back a lost love and have a reference on which demon I should speak to? I also would like to know what’s the best way to get their attention to summon them for The Pact or if just making The Pact in blood and keeping it in a safe space can manifest it by itself. I know I should probably be doing a lot more research before I do this, but if I can just get detailed instructions on how to do it that’s going to have to work for me now, because I really need to get my kids and myself home and get our family back together. My body physically aches and I feel like my soul is shattered.

And I do have every intention on The Pact when I ride it putting that the terms of the path our that he is not allowed to touch harm or scare my children in any way. I also need a demon that will respect those boundaries and I said for that will be the only one.

I know I probably sound desperate, and honestly I really am at this point. Because he is so stubborn and he is just saying that he gave up that he doesn’t feel like there’s chemistry and he doesn’t even want to try but I didn’t sign up to have a baby by myself and lose my home and everything for having to stay with my mom and I know that everything could be okay if we could just get a chance to rekindle because while I was working on other aspects in the relationship we could have been trying to work on that but he doesn’t communicate worth a s***.

So if anyone is willing to come forward and help me with some useful information and not try to set me up for failure or more pain I would really appreciate it

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