Help with a pact with Paimon

I wan to make a pact with Paimon to get the clarividency to use the tarot. The easy way bassicaly… So the thing is… How?
When i say mi petition im just going to soy i want to offer you my blood for a pact so you can provide me the phsycic powers to use any oracle i want and then i offer him blood? Its that the correct way?


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first place to start is to refer him firstly as ‘King’ then his name


First off, it’s King Paimon, 2nd, he doesn’t require blood. I’ve only ever gave him food/drinks or candy, hell even an altar or a space on your altar is fine to him, obviously you’re a beginner so just draw his sigil and repeat his enn and work on your astral senses.

You don’t have to use him to use tarot? Just buy a tarot deck, you don’t need an entity to do divination.


Make sure you greet him with respect when he comes cause anything less then that is not recommended


This frist, indeed!

Also, do search the forum. There are already way too many threads about this question.

Hi, thank you… I have to make a post or i can tell you here?

You can just post the information here, rather than making another thread.