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To make a very long story short: I was in a relationship that ended September 2020 due to something I did (betrayed trust, no cheating).

This break up caused me to work more with demons and Law of Belief over the past 18 months. It took until February 2022 for something to break through due to my own blockages around him, when he contacted to apologise “for everything”—something I’d been asking for. Lots of back and forth since, until last weekend he called, drunk to tell me over and over again that he “fucking loves” me, I broke his heart, he misses me, and other specifically intimate things that I’ve been working on through Law of Belief and with rituals.

Most recently worked with Sallos to rebuild the love between us about 2 weeks ago. And I’ve been working with the Lucifer and the Hidden Demons book literally just last week, which I think caused the outpour of feelings from him (this is someone who cut me off completely, yet since his return to contact has done a 180 and seems remorseful and like he is in my debt—something I’ve been working on with LOB).

2.5 weeks ago I was meditating and decided to leave my body. I felt a presence that spoke to me. They were kind, caring. Asked what I wanted—I said him—they asked why, I explained my feelings. They said “we’re working on it, he cares more for you than you realise, he feels it more than even you do.” So when he called me and said everything I’d wanted to hear, how hurt he’d been, how he had almost died recently and only thought of me, it shocked me that this vision I’d experienced was completely right.

Last Thursday I asked Lucifer to speed up the time that it would take for him to come back to me. I hadn’t heard from him in a week. I heard Lucifer ask if I was sure that I wanted this; I said yes, I am ready. The next night he was calling me, pouring out his feelings.

The next day, he took it all back. He does love me, but he can’t get over how I hurt him. Which is a joke, but I won’t go into it. It’s made me very angry to the point of hating him, feeling disgust. I still want him to come back to me, but I’m at a loss as to what to do now.

I’d been feeling so in control and in tune with my magic, and this felt like I’d had it all pulled from under me. Aside from take some time off from it this week to recover emotionally, are there any suggestions on what work to do on this?

Lucifer tried to warn you, but you said “bring it on” :woman_shrugging:t5:

…that being said, this man is hurt. It’s not a joke, he’s hurting and he feels you betrayed him. He may have poured his heart out to you and expressed genuine feelings because of the rituals and such, but he still feels hurt over whatever happened to break his trust.

Was one of the rituals to help with healing past hurts and betrayals? Or to help crush whatever limiting thoughts he had that’s preventing him from moving forward with you? As long as his will is stronger than yours, he’s not going to budge. Right now, I would give yourself some time to recover emotionally so you’re in the right mind frame to continue to do whatever work is necessary.

I understand and have been through what you’re going through, so don’t think I’m just giving advice and judging just because. I’m giving the same advice I had to (literally) look in the mirror and give myself.

Take a break, step back, decide what you want from him, decide what is keeping him from wanting to move forward with you, work on that, and go from there.

Good luck.


Thank you, I am already taking time off to heal myself, and have already asked another caster to work on cleansing his ego in the meantime, but I should also look at work I can do in this regard too.

I should have been clearer: I asked Lucifer to speed up the timings, and he asked if I’m sure I want him back so soon, am I ready for a full blown relationship with him again. But perhaps I needed to do more work on healing him first.

And it is a joke; I’m not interested in divulging details, but the thing he is upset about pales in comparison to the hurt he’s caused me over the years that I have repeatedly forgiven him for, and he can’t move past this one thing. It’s just tiresome.

He’s completely ruled by ego and lacks a lot of empathy. Obviously there are things I liked about the relationship but I’m too angry right now to see them.

You mentioned that you’ve experienced this before—did you find a way through it? Do you have any rituals or demons you would suggest working with for an ego cleanse?

Thanks again for your reply.

Hey! :exploding_head: :wave: if you are who I think you are, I am glad to see you here :heart:

If you’re not, I know someone in a very similar situation to you.

You know LOB works; keep working it. Never know what’s going on behind the scenes.


I am :kissing_heart:

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Welcome! :hugs:

I don’t remember if I said this the other day, but reading everything that happened in condensed form does kind of make it easier to see that a pattern is emerging, with all this back-and-forth, hot-and-cold. The course of true love never did run smooth, and all that.

He affirmed everything you have been working on for the past 1.5 years, despite the doubt, the questioning your own feelings, the changes you went through. Every last thing you intended for him to say and think, he thought and said.

Lucifer asked if you were ready. You said you were ready. There has been this back-and-forth, push-and-pull pattern going on this whole time. While the circumstances might be different now, the basic event is still the same. Your feelings change. He comes back. He goes away. Your feelings change again. For all we know, this is a necessary step on the path to your outcome. Bridge of incidents. Lucifer did speed things up; there’s no reason to think that this event is separate from the overall plan to expedite your reunion. x


That’s an excellent point I hadn’t considered. I (wrongly) see each ritual as an isolated action/reaction instead of the big picture.

There’s definitely always this push-pull between us. Part of the infatuation on both sides, I suppose.

I’m aware that love shouldn’t be this hard :confused:

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