Help with a booze and tablet friend

I was just wondering if there is a spirit or demon etc that may be able to help my friend as she is going through a hard time at the moment. She suffers from depression due to the breakdown of her relationship and about ten years ago she got hooked on booze and valium. She won’t help herself and with elderly parents who are not in great health either I don’t know what to do about this.

I have read that you can freeze bad habits almost like freezing a person out but she is in too deep in my opinion for that option. She doesn’t recognise that she has a problem and she has two teenage daughters and they aren’t even enough to keep her from the bottle.

I have thought about maybe using the Archangels but I am unsure as I am new to magick myself. I would hate to see her die as she is only 41 and to be honest the last time she got her liver tested her figures were through the roof!

Her brother has discussed this with me as he cant get through to her either, it really is waiting a game as she refuses to help herself.

Any advice is always appreciated!


My advice is to call Astaroth. He’s very good with emotions. And he’s a very friendly spirit.

Thank you both, I will give it a go and report back.

Yes the angel “opfaal” from the book “Kingdom of Flames” sounds like a good spirit to help with addictions. Also the archangel Raphael is another that should be able to help. Can’t go wrong working with angels. They will help in any way that they can. Let us know how it goes.

I don’t have anything really useful to say because I’ve never worked with any entity that dealt specifically with addiction, but yes you are (IMO) correct that this is way too deep for a freeze spell, because lots of her energy and personality and other stuff is tangled up with the addiction.

That’s why people replace addictions with other things, whether it’s AA, or AVRT or anything else, healthy or not. You can’t just stop someone drinking/using and hope they’ll be perfectly normal.

I’ve seen Buer recommended to help, but I haven’t worked with him so that’s just an idea for you to research, and meanwhile she’s going to have to really want to stop, which is hard, and also be ready to seek out things to replace the addiction that are healthier, which is even harder.

I’m not saying that to be a doom merchant, I’ve lost a lot of people I love to addiction, so maybe petitioning Buer not to end the addiction, so much as to give her a positive reason to WANT to leave it behind might help? Good luck whatever you do.

Thank you Lady Eva, I agree with you once again 100%.

I know I can’t make her stop but if she would just recognise the problems that she has then that would be a start.

It is a draining situation as she is very unstable and you find yourself coming home from a happy day at work only to switch your phone or internet on and find messages about life not worth living etc.

I have been there before not long ago myself and I need to be careful as to what I am exposed to as sometimes depression is smittle and I am doing well and I want it to stay that way!

I am trying hard to help as I don’t believe in dumping people when they are down, I know it takes time and she got through this before so if I can help her get on the right track again then that would be good but that is in an ideal world.

I thank you for taking the time to post and one thing I will say is that I admire your honesty as you are speaking exactly what I am thinking. It is a doom and gloom situation but at the end of the day if there is a tiny glimmer of hope I will help her and I think there is.


I know the perfect spirit. But, of course, she works on relationship bases so she wouldn’t be of much help.

But I would do some kind of "open her eyes"working as well as an addiction breaker. That ay she moves to help herself as well.

I was thinking of doing something similar with a friend that I live with. She also has basically an addiction to weed. Her happiness is it and now even to the point she entangled her spirituality with it. She can’t even talk to angels without it and on top of that she can’t even remember her dreams or much els. Her energy is everywhere and even though she came up to me the other day and asked if she should stop using it and I told her basically yes, she just turned around and said how much she NEEDS it and goes and smokes. I can tell she fights it every so often, but the want is to much for her.
So I’m thinking of reaching out to other spirits to see what help I can get. I definitely know angels but I’m also am thinking of doing a joint ritual with both sides on this one. She’s too deep in this that it seems her very own happiness of life is it. :disappointed:
So trust me, your never alone with this.