Help wanted

The major reasons why I’m back is

  1. Travelling up countries like USA, UAE, Australia and UK for purposely work. My country Uganda remains the poorest country in all wide world and hugely depends on foreign assistant’s, so to speak I can’t fulfil my dreams when I’m still here. We’re paid poorly and over used for example I’m truck driver get tiny cash of money just for eating no savings for future.

  2. Healing from HIV/aids for several year’s I’ve been battling with this virus fiends life is not easy please help your friend be fine somewhat.

  3. Getting better job.


This may help battle hiv it’s energy related. You need to listen to it daily though. Not sure for how long though could be months or years. I hope it helps though.


I was saying before to please be careful, your life and hopes have little value to many very criminal and evil people for whom you would just be a person to exploit, and even sell into what amounts to slavery, and sometimes, worse.

The world including the US & UK are undergoing what I will tactfully describe as a cultural shift, in which small business and personal freedoms are being removed because of covid, a situation which is now clearly becoming permanent, and big businesses like Amazon are taking over all the economy.

So things are very troubled, and people arriving with no job or contacts are likely to be considered even more expendable than usual.

For HIV, along with other methods, you could try these healing energy wraps, in the morning when you wake up and at night before sleep:

You don’t need to have psychic sense to do these things, just imagination.

People get rich by finding a problem other people have, and solving that problem for them, for a price.

Is there a problem in your community you could find, and solve?


Lady Eva you’re really amazing. But I’ve quite experienced a lot of people who are working in international communities like USA and UAE extremely rich in my country. Moreover doing small work like cleaners and security guard but being paid a lot of money from there. That’s why I’m also interested to come and work in USA. So that I get rich

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