Help wanted

I feel as if someone/ something is trying to contact me. I am new and trying the best i can to figure it out. But i need some help. If someone can possibly tell me who it is and how to contact them(it) back i would very much appreciate it.
I can not see anything with my practices yet but i can somewhat hear and feel a presence.

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What happens or what does it feel like this person or entity is trying to contact you? My advice will be follow your intuition and look for reoccuring signs also, maybe a name that will come up more than once, a symbol or animal. Then slowly you might be able to decode who is trying to communicate with you.

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I use a very simple “wake up call”. Before go to sleep keep in mind the question and intention to wake up at the best possible time to get the information you need. It works well.
Good luck!


Wait an hour before u go to bed relaxe yourself and focus on your breaths keep your back strait and put on some relaxing music go on utube theres alot of meditation music that can help and pay know attention to what comes to mind, the best way to start out is threw daily meditation make it an everyday thing it helps to focus the mind to help better listen to the spirit.

Try some kind of form of divination like tarot
you can use the tarot to communicate with the spirit world for now but eventually, you should train your astral senses (being able to see and hear spirits etc.)
to create an even greater communication