Help Wanted - Butchering the 42 letter name

I have successfully and thoroughly inverted the 7 names within the 42 letter name. They are associated with each of the 7 hebrew double letters, and have 2 planetary correspondences each instead of the united 1. They have been thoroughly seen through and the names are still a work in progress. Here are the correspondences between the anti cosmic double letters:

Moon and Saturn (by proxy, the earth)
The Qlipha of Nahemoth
realm of Assiah, the cosmic egg and earthly physicality, calls upon the attainment of the physical realm’s magick and opens the liminal points of the earth, allows intuition and metaphysical insight into the physical realm.
The Zodiac Cancer.
The Major Arcanas of the High Priestess and the World

Mercury and Resh
The Qlipha of Gamaliel
realm of Yetzirah, the power of breath, magick and the recognition of magickal purpose and power. The gates to power and the astral plane.
The Zodiacs Virgo and Gemini.
The Major Arcanas of the Magician and the Sun.

Mars and Venus
The Qlipha of Samael
realm of Briah, of relating to primordial essence and the linking of polarity. Macrocosmic chaos and the burning mouth of the Dragon.
The Zodiacs Taurus and Libra.
The Major Arcanas of the Empress and the Tower.

The Qlipha Oreb-Zaraq
The Sun and Jupiter
realm of Atziluh, manipulation and subjugation of cosmic bonds, abyssal transcendence and the attainment of quintessence beyond cosmic law and causality.
The Zodiac Leo.
The Major Arcanas of the Sun and Wheel of Fortune.

Venus and Mars
The Qlipha Tagirion
the door to the abyss. The wisdom of lucifer and the differentiation between fact and falsehood. Divides the cosmic 1 into the abysmal 2. Can bring the power of intuition and authority.
The Zodiacs Scorpio and Aries.
The Major Arcana of the Tower and the Empress.

The Qlipha of Golahab
Jupiter and the Moon
A camel or steed of transport. Vitality and movement, the martial force of Ahriman and the vital essence of movement and unhindered wisdom. Traversion of the deserts of the abyss, duality of peace and war.
The Zodiacs Pisces and Sagittarius.
The Major Arcana of Wheel of Fortune and the High Priestess.

The Qlipha of Gash’kalah
Saturn and Mercury
The transcendence from the cosmic trap and transmutation of the ego into the daemon. The entry into the grand house of Satan and the overarching rulership of the qlippoth.
The Zodiacs Aquarius and Capricorn.
The Major Arcanas of the World and the Magician.

Each of these corresponds with the inverted 42 letter name, with 7 names within corresponding to the double letters. There is a problem though, there are 6 letters in each name. 6 is a cosmic number relative to the forces of cosmic light in this particular context, I inverted them of course, but I believe there would be better forces of chaos included if I include an extra letter to each name. This would make 7 names, 7 letters in each, and 49 letters in total, which in my view is alot more fitting for a name of the Antigod.

I would like to DM or converse in comments with anyone who would be kind enough to help with this project.

If you doubt that I am serious… I wish to make these names and vibrations impenetrable, as the cosmic names (the 42 letter name of YHWH) were supposedly “impenetrable” too, but in working with satan and other demons I feel so close, I am almost there at my goal to reverting this system. I wish for this system, the anti cosmic names, to be impenetrable by force.

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Okay the post is short but the meaning and messages are huge. It’s too deep for reading it on Sunday :blush:

Thumb up for the project :+1:

this is way above my pay grade :nerd_face:.

The only suggestion I can make is have a copy of the part of Genesis where the 42 letter name comes from. Instead of getting letters from right to left, use the same spacing and take the letters from left to right.

That does sound like a good idea