Help Unlearning stereotypes about invocation/evocation

Soo I’m fairly certain this sounds like a very asinine question but I’m here to learn so I’ll ask anyways. Worst case scenario I’ll be pointed in the right direction where this already exists. But I used the search bar and didn’t really get a precise answer.

So what exactly is the whole point of invoking or evoking a spirit?

I have an idea but I get the feeling that Its not 100% correct. And Im quite unclear as what the benefits are, and what the potential downsides would be. I’m sure in part that has to do with alot of the sterotypes and misinformation that exists.
What I had thought was the point of either of these practices was to be able to make contact with insert god/spirit/demon/whatever here to either gain knowledge or guidance or power. While not necessarily in exchange for anything, there are potential dangers like possession or being harmed right? So If that’s the case what does a person potentially gain from in/evoking that can’t be sought out in other methods? And what are the limits to what you can gain from performing an in/evocation?
Thanks in advance guys

So, we all can do special things. When you incorporate a deity into it, it becomes much more powerful. I’ve had better experience with invocation. Have that type of mentality when working with them. You’ll learn as you go. Possesion is making them permanent co-pilots, it can pay off very well. They still leave you in command and they enjoy the experience. I’ve been able to learn much quicker. Better, harder, faster and stronger lol.

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