Help transforming my "straight" crush to my bisexual sex pet

Can vouch for Venus, she made me gay for awhile, for reference, I’ve never even thought of another man like that, until i met Venus.

Dantalion is an amazing djinn. I work very closely with him. And yes, he changes minds but it comes at a price either to you or the other person. Be warned that that person, when faced with such a large shift in mentality, will break. Sure, you want a sex pet, but remember Dantation, like all spirits, have their own codes and you may not get what you thought you were asking for.

And while this person would eventually die, are you willing to bear the burden of being the sole cause of his death? (That is the question being asked, not whether you can fathom him being dead.) Also, as is with death magick, in particular, your will, strength, protection, and the like must be stronger than whatever is against this happening. Often, newbies don’t have enough experience to properly handle these situations for this reason among many others. Exercise caution in not calling a daemon he might be friends with, some will turn (at a cost perhaps) but others will not.

Your so damn right. And i was in the same boat with this last year.

Doing this type of magick from my experience is fucking scary. But it’s ok you will learn either way, hopefully for your sake not the hard way, I wouldn’t wish terror or fear on anyone’s consequences if they didn’t deserve it.

@Arabian your better off doing some sort of ritual to attract someone who is already on the same page as you I’m terms of sexuality and other things.