Help To Interpret My Dream!

Last night after opening dantalions’s sigil . I asked him to show in my dreams anything that needs my attention and immediate action…

Then in my dreams I saw My No longe “Ex” Girlfriend’s facebook account… Where she had updated a status.
And a guy from my School whom I hated very much( Because he liked to show off very much etc etc… ) commented on her status and my gf also replied to her comment…

But my gf and that guy do not know each other… They don’t have any mutual friends also :confused:

This dream was so intense . Just as I woke up I opened my fb account to confirm whether I was dreaming or not !

To my surprise the first thing in my news feed was that , that Guy changed his profile picture … ( he was inactive on fb for nearly 1year before my dream ) …

I can’t get what does that means ?/

Any help ???

He could be warning you of a relationship forming between those two, and you not being entirely honest to yourself about your feelings with her. At least that’s what I’m assuming… If it’s not related to the actual people it could also be him warning you of unexepected enemies, as so called “friends” lurking in an unseen manner

Adhi, Q. 21 in the Book Of Fate is “Does my Dream portend God Luck or Misfortune?”

You could use that (tutorial & Book here) to get a feeling for what this means, by rewording it to “Does my dream foretell of this man creating problems in our relationship?”

When i go through the day and see the things from my dreams happen in some manner of way i think " was not false, actually was partially true" so that happened to you too, but what are our visions trying to say can be interpret in many ways… So i guess go on with the Book of Fate, and if you will tell us what it told you.

My last night dream, possible to have a specific significance? O dreamed have been married with the magician David Blane. he was putting on my left hand a engagement golden ring with a ruby stone and on the right hand a golden wedding ring with a blue stone in filigree . On this ring a part could be detached . I was feeling great in this lovely dream! ;):wink:

Do you fancy him? I’m not asking so you have to answer, but if you’d like to get sweaty with him and stuff, that might make a different interpretation to things, than if you really don’t! :wink:

Anyway it might mean he represents something that you need to embrace, which is the reason for the marriage and rings imagery, and it’s something you can access in your own life, powers, and mind, because it was in a dream.

ha ha! No I don,t fancy him, honestly ! and marriage is the last thing i want/need now in my life. Maybe another significance who knows…

To me, this seems like one of these dreams that has a completely opposite meaning from what you saw. Sounds to me like a conflict of sorts that needs to be handled. Do you still like your Ex GF? Do you want to ask her out again but feel too embarrassed to do it? It could mean that you are worried that someone else will come in and sweep her away if you do not act on your feelings for her. But then again, this is just a guess. I don’t know how you feel about her currently and I would have to know that in order to get a better idea of what your dream really means. Dream interpretation and dream magick is one of my favorite things.

Thanx all for your responses

@nue : There cant be any growing relationship between them. Because they don’t know each other.

@Lady Eva : Yes. Book of Fate will be great… I have used it… If u remember? I asked you to interpret the answer I got bcz sentences with " thou “… " thee” etc confuse me…

@RavensAscent : First of all she is not my ex anymore…we are again in a relationship… I posted a thread " hail dantalion " for that.

Other than that everything you have written about my feelings for her are right !

I hate miss-interpretations so much, i have to say this because i actually felt it in my stomach when RavensAscent said “do you still like your ex GF” because she had mis-interpretated the whole situation 100% XD

In understand if the book of fate is confusing, its that to me too - because the phrases are in old way of speaking.

People c’mon read what others are writing, i have so many times felt that i’m interpretated in a wrong way that i feel bad if this guy is… How much easier would communication be if we could understand eachother, i don’t want to do a number of this but it annoys me so often.

I apologize for my assumptions. Like I said, I wasn’t really sure what was going on because of what the OP wrote, I thought it sounded like maybe they were still not together because I have not read the thread about Dantalion so I didn’t see the posts about Adhi’s current situation. I don’t normally check topics that I know nothing about because I feel like my posts would not be helpful, so that’s why I have not yet read the Dantalion topic. But dream interpretation can have multiple meanings depending on what’s going on in the persons life and I did not know, nor did I want to pry by asking a bunch of personal questions so I just guessed based on the assumption they were not together.

Lol, sorry for offtopic but i just saw a dream where a lynx told me that i should run for it and not the vice versa because i’m a dog and i should be chasing things, then i explained him how i was a human and he sniffed me confused. Well then there was messages from aliens, and i was alerted how aliens have been spying my life all the time, but in the end it wasn’t actually aliens - i think it was mexicans.

Da fuq :DDD