Help to create tarot spread

i need a spred thta could me if someone hexed,cursed.or sent astral attacks on me how
can i create this spread?
doe anyone have this kind of spread?

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I don’t know a spread specifically for that…but if you want I can take a look at some cards you have pulled for yourself and see if I see anything. Is there any particular card/cards you keep pulling?

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Just design your own spread.

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thank you b.dragon!!!
i have a spread and i know how to know with it ,but…
i need something spread that will reveal,who,what,and how to break those curses and hexes…
like a yes or no spread…and then what to do…

if i known how i wouldn’t asked for guidance here.
i need at least the base the skeleton spred…
where do you think i shuold start?

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Got ya.

To be honest…I really feel like that is beyond the scope of tarot. Not everyone may agree…but I’ve not seen it. I know it can tell you something is going on…but the who what when etc…Idk

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we’ll start by thinking of your question, how detailed do you want it to be. EA koetting has a variant of the celtic cross I like a lot.

If I was to create a spread a spread I might use 10 cards maybe 5 above and 5 below. The line below represents me and the line above the astral enemy and perhaps 1 more card at the end in between for a result.

card 1 above - attacker - Below me follow the flow using your questions. Maybe include things like mode of attack above and mode of defense below etc…

does that make sense?

When it’s created by you personally, I feel you have a stronger connection to the cards and the reading.

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that is awesome!!!
it’s gives a great start!!!

i was thinking about the answers that i want from the spread:
1)did someone cures/hexed me?
3)who did this
4)what is the curse
5)what did they do?(like curse with water/fire/air/earth elements?
6)how can i undo/break/cancel it?
7)the cards advice
8)what the curse/hex is doing to me?

i forgot something…

I never use a spread I just pull however many cards my intuition urges me to lol

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I think more experienced people do it that way but I think as a beginner and you’re just starting out a little direction goes a long way to developing your skills

I did it as a beginner too.