Help to contact Gremory

I have tried different methods to establish a connection with her like staring at her sigil and chanting her enn, meditation, sleeping with her sigil under my pillow, tried Mike Bee’s evocation ritual but nothing, it makes me a little frustrated not seeing results and I am beginning to doubt, I would be very grateful if someone could give me another method that they know that could help me, thank you very much in advance for your answers! :wave::wave:

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Are you trying to see them, or trying to get results from petitioning them?


I was trying to feel some presence, as I have read that some feel some presence or some warmth when they recite their enn or look at their sigil but I never felt anything, in the meditation I call her and tell her my request, I try to catch some signal like some word that he could tell me but neither, it was not my intention to see it just some kind of small signal that would give me an indication that he heard my call and my request, I do not know if I am making a mistake or if I should keep trying for at least a month plus

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Firstly, you do not need to sense a spirit in order for them to hear your petition. They hear you even if you don’t see or hear them. I’ve had plenty of rituals where I could not at all sense the spirit or deity I was calling out to, but my request was still powerfully fulfilled.

So it’s good to simply be confident that they have heard you. If you called out to them with intention, I would say it is just about certain that they have heard you. At least, in my practice this is how I feel. It may not be true all the time but it is beneficial to at first act like it is.

Now, if you want to sense and speak with them, you will need to learn how to. This is a skill that is developed. And be sure to relax and be clear of mind before calling on any spirit.
@Mike_Bee has various guides on developing these senses. Since you have tried his Evocation method, you might want to check out his guides on developing clairsentience. Others have also written guides on developing clairsentience on here.

I can also give a suggestion as you work on your senses: Call on a spirit daily, asking them to infallibly appear before you, in a visible form. You can also declare that you will give them a gift if they appear. When they do appear, give them the gift (which, should preferably be something that is similar to the spirit’s nature), and if they do not appear, hold onto it for now.


Thanks for the tips, I just got the job from Corwin Hargrove, the techniques taught there seem relatively easy to do so I’ll give it a try, hopefully all goes well :four_leaf_clover:

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