Help, think I'm being attacked

I’m a newbie though I’ve read a lot of materials on occult. I’ve done magick with mixed results. Have tried evoking once and I did get a response although I couldn’t see anything
I’ve had sleep paralysis attacks since I was a child. Back then I used to be afraid, but after getting into the occult I stopped fearing these attacks. 3 days ago I made a sigil of Azazel which I am planning to use for my next evocation. Since then these attacks have gone up a notch and in the most recent one I saw a sigil and a name of an entity along with a brief vision of it, it was feminine entity and the sigil was green but I couldn’t remember the sigil. For the first time, the attack was painful, in fact I could feel it after I woke up. Can anyone tell me what’s happening? It would be nice to talk to someone who can talk to this entity. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Are you a practicing Magician?

I meditate every night and use sigil magick every now and then. During my first evocation, one of the things that I asked the entity to help me with were my grades, and ever since then they have improved drastically. I’m not sure that I’d qualify as a magician since my astral senses haven’t developed, but I am making progress.

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The first and most important thing when working with any entity is being the Magican you are in control of your sacred space.
If you control your space no one can hurt you.
I would recommend finding a good grounding technique and Taking your power back over yourself. Only you have the power to do it.


Are you sure that you’re being attacked?

If I’m understanding you correctly, you had a dream/vision of a feminine entity and caught a glimpse of a green sigil. This is a well known way that spirits will make contact with magicians, so I’m curious as to whether that is what occurred with you.

You also mention that the experience was painful, and I understand why you would be wary. Something that you may want to consider, though, is that many spirits, especially demonic/LHP spirits, will actually cause you to feel any pain that you have buried within your subconscious. They will find old memories and emotions and bring them to the surface of your mind, meaning that you will experience them consciously. This is not always a fun experience.

They do this for good reason. If these emotions remained in your subconscious, they would go unresolved and would fester within you, poisoning your mind beneath your awareness. By consciously processing the feelings, you allow them to subside and no longer hurt you.