Help that wasn't specifically asked for

Hi, just wondering if anyone has experienced help that they haven’t asked for? I did an evocation (my first true try) of Marbas the other day and later on I was exercising and hurt my shoulder (pulled muscle). I fully expected to be in pain the next few days like I have previously. That night Marbas (assuming) appeared in my dream and I woke up the next day with no pain. I also was having trouble letting go of thinking about the requests I had made during the evocation however this morning I was thinking about it and since then I have had no compulsion or even thought to worry about the outcome. Like this part of my brain was fixed as I hate waiting and it has always been a problem for me worrying about something I have done that I have yet to find out the result of. Thoughts please?


Could be this spirit has taken an interest in building a working relationship, there are a few people who have gotten help developing from marbas.


Read up as much as you can about President Marbas, he is absolutely phenomenal. Truly he is.

Use the search facility here, yes I know I sound like a broken record, but also if you haven’t started it use his enn, ie mobile number - renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Marbas to call upon him, if you can give him yellow or orange candles, good, he likes amber or cedar incense (if you have it, oils ok too) - camomile tea.

Yes he’s very good, I’m going off to talk to him later. He can hang around, also he’s very protective of children, so if he’s around you it’s a really good sign you’re a good caregiver, he punishes those with bad intentions towards them. Loves cats so you might have cats following you around. Random cats…


It makes me glad that Marbas is getting the spotlight lately (oh, must be a total coincidence, eh? :wink: ).

He really is awesome. :slight_smile:

Yep, that was him.

Why wouldn’t he help you? :slight_smile:


I have 2 cats, one which I saved it’s life twice (hence why it has only three legs now). Both have been more affectionate and one overly affectionate tonight. Really don’t want a cat lying on my chest when it’s 30C degrees (86F) at 10pm.

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I have been thinking today and going over things in my head and think Marbas may have been around me a lot of my life, working in a way that wasn’t obvious. Just little things clicking into place. Plus for some reason if ever I am without a cat a stray wanders in and makes this home.


Not to mention I seem to now have a family of possums in my front yard that will take food from my hand. I count a mother, 2 at least a year old plus a baby just out of the pouch.


YES, literally life-saving help on a few occasions, it’s a wonderful thing I never stop feeling awed by, and it’s a good sign this is happening for you because it means the spirits are actively taking an interest in your happiness and also, ascent. :+1: