Help - suggestions from Masters Required

Trying to find out what the hell happened to me.

What is an Akra or Akara?
The Internet is useless for searching on.

It was a powerful experience of illumination that left me rocked.
I was told on good advice that this was an akara or akra.

How can a sun energy be related, this was more intense than anything I have ever known exploring in my own way… Well almost more intense, I need to get passed this and get it nailed down.

I know the entity that can assist, but what the hell is it…
If you know drop a reply, that way we will all know.

This one thing has perplexed me for years.

Thanks in advance

Hello, when I read your post it came to mind association of acharya, which could be related in terms of sun energy or solar/stellar (being like Gayatri, the transformer aspect, transformer in terms of electrical voltage step-down)

… ie high-tension lines and usually through a “gu-ru” teacher being one who not only links-to, but also tempers it/buffering… if connect more directly- then clarity-charge. and not just as if electrical-charge going into concretely, but into and through one’s consciousness (as a lens)- need to SEE from that point behind which looks through the lens of consciousness (and thus the 'normal-personality mind")

above relating to implication of your brief comment (also another word for tone harmonizing to release internally and emergently arise, I’m not sure spelling Ikaro, or Icharo… that’s not spelled correct)
The tone-freq that connects and integrates one’s chi-field (“jeng chi” also secret word/name, like the unpronoucable aspect of mystical-hebrew)

I don’t know if that can could add anything, may not be relevant to your sit (at least not alot of detail in my above, but perhaps)- an interesting sense of the “concept” came symbolic when I read your post. luck

The word that immediatly poppe dinto my head was Akasha, as in the 5th element (in some traditions) also the Akashic records like both E.A. and Robert Bruce as well as others have discussed.

Fucking BINGO!

The Comment excerp below is a perfect explanation of what I experienced…

“into and through one’s consciousness (as a lens)- need to SEE from that point behind which looks through the lens of consciousness (and thus the 'normal-personality mind”

The experience was of multidemnsional light - errupting from the moment of self ‘across all planes…’

The light seemed to be coming from the observer aspect - ie there was no darkness or anything other than this light - and this came of its own accord… following the previous 3 days of heart oppening… and spontaneous soul travel…

I have no way around this - and its not exactly comfortable… I had a very very strong fear it could create a lot of damage… perhaps kill me… there was a complete absence of any other kind of feeling just a very odd litteral illumination - not from above - once again at the risk of repeating myself - from the observer aspect… you could say from within…

Following this experience - the sense of the pineal gland swelling enormously ensued - and I was seeing things for 3 days and I willed it to shut down… I was just working with the heart the whole time…

That light was horrifiyingly bright… not afraid to say it scared me immensley.
I am different now - and I think I will just go through the spasms and trauma and get it over with… just like my last out of body was hallmarked by spasms and a terror and shakes…

Thank you for the comments above - I guess - just one more time - is a real guru required - because I am just going to go ahead?

Its not safe to just do - I already know that…
So - I guess I am back to ground zero - trying to get prepped for Evocation…

I was about 27 at the time this occured almost 10 years ago… I will try and test the energy again… call in the masters for help and just go with it…

Thanks again for everyones help!
If anyone else has worked with this energy at all - please PM me.

Ok so from what I understand the light energy is has and always will be there… and cleaning up chakras permits a connection of intellect and consciousness directly with infinite light once the heart is properly openned and the energy shoots through and is injected to all pathways linked to it.

It may or may not be the same as EAs experience in IPSISSIMUS however it seems like this kind of thing is rarely documented in plain words.
I will be updating on progress.