Help stupid suggestive view

Guys please help me get back to Reality. I’ve sugested to think that everything is a simulation and that we’re all just moving atoms etc. I’m losing my mind I’m like a disorientated, I need to get into Reality please what helps

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Do grounding.


If you need to, take a break from anything occult/magick/spiritual related and try ground yourself.

This happened to me to a sort of degree, but it’s because I didn’t bother to slowly open myself up to the spiritual/energetic side of things. I just went straight for the 3rd eye.

I can handle it now but things still look/feel almost dream like. So I understand the disorientation.


What Is best way to do this?

Work on your root chakra is one idea. Immerse yourself back into physical reality the way you did into the spiritual/occult. Live life day to day, use your Physical senses. Mindfulness.


Also balancing yourself energetically helps, focus on your 3 lower chakras as well. Alot of people go straight for the 3rd eye and crown /etc but if you haven’t balanced the lower ones, it creates situations like what I had and maybe what you have. An imbalance, and disconnection to the physical world.


Well can’t you see?
The simulation, and the atoms moving around is reality. Our consciousness creates the illusion. One fast example and very effective to clear my point of view is: Colors.

What are the colors we see if not different frequencies of light. Given that we see with our only but a minuscule of these frequencies, our brain catalogue them into Colors. Again, your brain tells de difference between these frequencies and assign them into a box, a color box.

Color is also part of the consciousness they do not exist in the “real” world.


I didnt open third eye I dont want to…

:open_mouth: return to reality exactly so Do you think a lot of people have this condition? I only suggested this thought state.I Heard about spoon grounding

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How to handle this so that one does not go crazy?

Im aware of that. However when someone’s trying to be grounded, I want to give advice to help them do that.

To me the world feels very much “simulated” and colors are more vivid/etc. The power of meditation and energy work!!

Also the bonus of being able to feel and sense spirits and energy. Can’t turn that off either for me.


It’s really in my opinion something that happens when you “wake up” spiritually/etc. It’s easier to handle if you do the energy work properly and don’t rush in, which alot of new people do.

Don’t worry though, you really just need to ground yourself and balance yourself.

I remember before I got into all this, someone told me I was “too Physical” and needed to be more spiritual or look into the spiritual. Well I did and still now I’m alittle to spiritual. It’s a balancing act.

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The more you meditate while having your chakras clean the more you will see and the less you will understand its a maddening experience.

Still, perhaps that is the effect you must get in order to see these things.
Maybe because its mind blowing, maybe because you are falling in love.
For me, it was falling in love. Madness came along, but I know how to hide it well.

If you dwell for too long and you keep seeing everything from the mirror perspective you understand the hierarchies of the planes, and you find out that they are no different from a Hierarchy you impose to insects.

You are insect to some entities just like an ant is an insect to you.
For ants, we are most likely natural events, think about that for a while. In time you reach to the conclusion that you are both: insects suffering from natural events and humans creating events that other will see it as natural. Well its all the same thing.

There is something truer than true, there is always a bigger fish, but for bigger fish you always need smaller fish (you got to have both). Apply infinity, and since there is no start and no finish, you understand infinity of hierarchies.


Grounding is where you just do things that don’t involve magick, like watching TV or going for a walk.


You are right.


This happened to me too and taking a break from the Occult was very beneficial.

You may want to find a hobby or sport for the time being


This probably happens to a lot of people who practice occultism, right? That they will fall out of reality like this. What helped you to ground yourself and back to reality? @Twilight_Dragon

This a method to stop coming panic attack but it makes you focusing on reality so I guess it will help you.

You have to look outside of yourself and find a choice: 5 things you see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can feel and 1 thing you can taste.