HELP stop a toxic/parasite destroying someone?

Hi, I began on BALG asking help to overcome an abusive relationship which almost killed me. BALG members were amazing and I AM FREE. Thank you!
Now I ask of BALG members to HELP ME SAVE SOMEONES LIFE. My ex is being manipulated through Meth/Sex/Magic to act like a cash mule/leashed dog by a Parasite which cheats on him, takes his money and not only controls his every action, he is so manipulated, she listens through phone mic to every conversation in his life (live), tracks his every move through Google Maps, puppeteers him and he obeys like a dog and she is married to one of his closest friends.
Please, can anyone HELP destroy her hold over him? He has destroyed his home, our friendship, will be rejected by all his friends and family when they find out, lost his job(S), and lies pathalogically, CONSTANTLY, and has lost 40 lbs…is about to lose his life at any moment.
Please message me if you are willing to help. I and my friend feel like we are trying to save his soul and physical existence from being “devoured”
This evil cunt knows his father is dying, that I almost killed myself at his loss, that he doesn’t see his daughters, is losing his home because he spends every penny on her WHOREY self. Please help in any way possible. He will not survive this. Thank you.
The amazing people I encountered here saved my life and I can never repay you. But now, this is something that seems from another world. He sees nothing of the reality of his life, of anything. He is dead, dum, blind and mute now, she has practically possessed him. He is ridiculing himself, humiliating and degrading himself, lives like a slob, neglects everyone and everything in his life. Dear friends, please help US help him.
Nobody deserves what is being done to him. We can’t bare to watch him suffer like this knowing she is destroying all he has worked for, every human conne tion in his life, and even his money and few assets, and she has placed spells on me because I will always love him dearly as a friend, and my friend and I care about him.
Thank you friends and teachers.


I have a spell chant for exactly that. Want it?

I don’t know how you did it but can’t you use what worked for you to help your friend?
I highly suggest calling on entities of your choice that helps in these matters.
I’m not really great with giving magickal advice but I am also trying to get someone out of a toxic relationship.

this chant, what exactly does it do? I’m currently also working with helping someone out of a toxic relationship

Drives two people apart. Completely apart. As in, one of them - usually the negative one - moves away and severs all contact.


Would you want to share it? I’m already working on doing that but I also know that I have to do more and your chant seems to fit right in to what I’m trying to do.


Hi, would you share it with us too? Thank you

I am so sorry. Sabnock is great for protection and Murmur is great for parasites/reptilians

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What exactly do you need? What are the circumstances?

A narc poisoning people’s lives and having the most fun doing it!!

Okay, is this a couple you are trying to split up? Or just someone you are trying to drive away?

Encore19 has exactly the right idea.

This man has a real harem around him, while his wife is dying away. He love-bombs girls only to take them down after. Typical narcissism. I want to have him self-reflect for one reason or another… Thank you :slight_smile:

Dearest Sargonath,can you share it also with me? I really really need it.