Help - someone put a curse on me

So here’s the backstory - I got divorced a couple of years ago. My ex-MIL always hated me. I’ve been told by 4 different readers/healers that she has put a curse on me.

It seems pretty hardcore as she apparently buried a picture of me with a deceased person and then made me consume a strand of the deceased person’s hair. (Probably cut the strand of hair and mixed in some food.)

The practitioner apparently used black candles and multiple statues of various demons. It was a process that lasted for months.

I have a close relationship with Belial, Clauneck, AA Michael, Kali, Shiva and Lucifer. So I know that curse hasn’t worked in full effect. It could have been alot worse.

It IS however blocking alot of abundance and happiness in my life.

Any ideas on curse reversal? I saw a few threads on banishing and mantra’s from Raziel. Is that the best way to go about this?

Also, out of curiosity, how do demons deal with situations where someone puts a curse on a person they are working with?

Any insight is helpful. Thanks!


Any of those spirits you work with should be able to completely break the curse, not just deflect it. Belial and Archangel Michael, especially, are known for being able to break any chains.

Another option is the angel Opfaal, from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame. He can break curses and free you from any form of spiritual bondage.


Thank you!! I will look into Angel Opfaal as well.


also try damon brand book -magical protection it has a ritual specifically to cancle a curse… and its good one

You have a relationship with Lucifer, I’d say talk to him. If he won’t handle it all on his own, he should be able to tell you how to deal with it.

Other than that, Kali is said to be protective and should be able to fix the situation. AA Michael has an interest in justice. I just first recommended Lucifer because I’m biased and have worked with him more than the others you’ve listed, I haven’t worked with some of them too.

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One good turn deserves another, you could always pray for them to change their ways.

This is an interesting idea. Do you think a curse is dissolved if someone stops caring about it?


Yes, its a favored stance by the Rosicrucians to not believe in black magic, thereby decreasing its potency, while it still exists for those practicing it.

Yes, I’ve heard of that. I just don’t believe in it very much.

What I meant by my question was that if the curse-caster stops putting effort into a curse, do you think it will just stop working?

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Yes, because they are derailing their own work.

No. Don’t forget that one is often told to forgot about the magick to avoid lust for results, so “letting go” of a curse would not stop it once it is sent.

For example, in his book, Baneful Magick, EA Koetting talks about doing a curse against a former girlfriend who was spreading lies about him, and once he had completely exhausted his hurt and rage within the ritual, he never gave the magick or the target another thought, yet the curse did its work.


Didn’t think about that, I stand corrected. Still, I would pray for them to change their ways.

You could have directly asked these entities that you have a close relationship.

Don’t be impressed by what you’ve been told about black candles and statues, they’re just tools the magician uses for various reasons.
I’ve done rituals using various elements and 9 candles for 9 consecutive days that didn’t work and I’ve also done it with a simple candle that had immediate results.

Perhaps you are the one empowering this curse thinking that way?

The question is also common: how can a Demon be in different places at the same time?

Many may disagree but as I see it, A Demon with hierarchy has legions of lesser demons under its command and these lesser demons can also make use of entities less than themselves.
When the demon with hierarchy accepts your request, it is these lesser demons that perform the tasks on behalf of their superior.
When authorized, many of them act and communicate using the name of their superior.
When there is a conflict of interest, I personally think that each one of them continues to carry out their assigned task and they are indifferent whether they act against or in favor of the same person.

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I totally agree.

I recently lived in a very similar situation and the curse only worked after I “let go” but I only managed to stop caring, after the additional help of Belial, Paymon and Oriens.

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That’s an interesting perspective.

But I more agree with @DarkestKnight 's sentiment on this one:

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Thanks for the responses.
I have known about the curse for 4 years but never gave it much thought or importance.
In hindsight, I do see a decline in my quality of life (from jobs to relationships) over the last 4 years.

Lucifer has been the most responsive when i asked about the curse. I will work with him to fully undo it along with some involvement from AA Michael and Opfaal.
It was shown to me that the curse actually gained strength/momentum over the last 2 years or so.

Frankly I was pissed after I was shown the 2 people who did this. My convo with Lucifer went something like this:
Me: I want them both to die for everything they did to me. They deserve to die. (Clearly I was emotional and livid).
Lucifer: No. Death is too easy. Want for them a long life. A long life full of suffering. That I can help you with.
He then proceeded to show me a curse to perform.

I haven’t done it yet but am leaning towards doing it once I fully clear out the energy of the curse put on

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