HELP! Someone is OBSESSED with me!

I need immediate advice on what I can do to stop this person from being obsessed with me. I did not perform any love magick on them to feel this way, I met them on a dating app, and we hung out in person, it was cool and they are super nice but got overly obsessive within 2 weeks.
I’m really at a loss as to what I can do that’s strong enough to get me off their mind, I would like to have someone else come into the picture to take the attention away from me.
Anything helps right now, thank you !!

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PS I’ve only performed one baneful ritual against my old boss and it worked like a charm, but that magick was a little bit different for the circumstances, I really just want them to not feel romantically towards me and to be less obsessive, I really don’t want do break any hearts or hurt feelings either, i wouldn’t mind still being friends with this person

Hi Matthew. In reply, I would say you’d want to freeze this person out of your life; so to speak. To do so, a person can evoke a spirit with which they have a working relationship if at all possible, and try this out: Vovin’s Freeze Spell From Evocationmagic Forum.


Tried telling them, how you feel? Some people can understand, when you tell them.
That should be imo the first step.


Of course I’ve tried that. I normally don’t resort to magick unless I feel I’m left with nothing. Not to mention I truly just want the best for this person, I knew right away that I personally would not fit in their life or give them what they want.
I’ve tried to explain this to them, they are how ever very emotional and a bit unstable, so I had to be as delicate as possible when wording this.

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I guess what also freaks me out is that, when I first met them I truly enjoyed their company and I opened up ALOT to them, I regret opening up as much bc I feel I opened Pandora’s box. And I just don’t what them to turn on me and tarnish my reputation.

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Leo, thank you!! This is exactly what the doctor ordered!! I’m doing this ASAP !! Much love

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Do you have any experience with the Goetia? Bael would be your demon if you want this person to stop bothering you.

This is from Demons of Magick:


“to make somebody lose interest in you or your affairs”

Hope I helped.

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Call the police , chances are if you’re asking that question you have little magickal experience , you can try any spirit really , say a prayer and see what happens .

I’ve worked with Lucifer and King Paimon, very very briefly. They have always been here to guide me I just get anxious and nervous when performing invocations, always nervous I’ll mess up.

Is there a certain invitation for Bael?

id Rather not get the police involved at all.
Thing is, magick is just as complex as the human mind, there are things such as rituals and spells I can utilize to put my intent in that I’m unaware of. I have a lot of experience in. Certain fields of magick, and I always see results.
I want to be specific as I can because this person is a nice person, and deserves someone that will give them what they need. They are not aware that I’m not this person, and I just want cast something light enough to help them realize this. Thank you for the advise

I don’t resort to magick with every little problem in my life, I’ve tried being open and honest, but when I have someone who’s heart is very fragile and who is also obsessed with me, magick I feel can be a great remedy for this situation.

There is no special invitation for Bael. You could simply print out his Sigil and chant his enn while gazing at the Sigil. I customized the ritual in Demons of Magick for best results. Don’t be afraid of these demons. They are here to help. They can mess your life up but only if that is your request. They are rather indifferent to that type of stuff unless specifically requested.