(Help) Sigil

Can anybody tell me what sigil this is? I’m pretty sure that one of these entity’s are trying to make contact with me, or maybe I am through accidentally focusing on the music too much.

Satan’s also in here.

Here’s the song if you want to, but I feel that I’m accidentally invoking something, so be careful listening. cx could be me trippin, but you never know.


Use the sigil channel its name and ur good to go just be sure to have protection just to be safe and cleansing.


It feels amazing, liberating. <3


I would suggest working with it a bit longer for deeper gnosis.But if that is what you get i think its good to use than…for now.


I feel that I decided it has to be Satan, I thought about it very deeply and every time I keep filtering my energy body, I cannot stop being magnetized to this fluffy energy and these wise words and information I’m getting. However I am also sure the other entity’s has contributed in some way.

I feel the other entity is an attraction skilled could possibly emitting a powerful signal with the sigil on the bass drum. I feel like it wants me to start playing guitar again.\,./<3

The only other thing I feel is, It could be a higher skilled negativity entity trying to gain my acceptance and try to hurt me, but I find this highly unlikely…

There could be probably a person involved who really likes me im sure.

But I’m gonna go with my gut feeling. I feel I’m okay.


It’s amazing how social media influences people into thinking that this is so bad.

I just went outside and petted my cats with satan, I feel like they are more energized and safe (:

I’m literally being healed and it’s amazing how all the thoughts that are surfacing seem to be linked to the fear in people, it feels like as if I am listening to the news and people are just freakin out.

I’m just rejecting all these thoughts and I feel so focused and grounded.

It’s crazy how not all of people care about this stuff, we’re a very small percentage on earth right?

I feel like I’m getting hit with spontaneous illusions of this fear and they keep on getting disentigrated and I’m breathing in life in replace. I feel like it’s enhancing my purpose.

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Holy shit… I think I’m done for today, and now that I look back at this song, I’m over here like, wow that was old me, holy shit! I don’t know what I was thinking!

I feel like becoming a more productive member of society. (:smile:

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Alright everybody. The number one thing I learned.

Always go to the fluffy bright golden cloud. It is your friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with this a lot! The media often shames demonology and witchcraft, but it’s really heart warming and calming at times.


You know… during this time, I was thinking about Ea Koetting. & I was actually on Yt looking up the media portraying him as some bad person.

It was amazing how things like that can provide some sort of strength. It’s kinda like leaning on someone in a way. Although, I’m sure he did aloooot of Magick to stop the media as much as he can, because the comment section on those bad yt videos has a bunch of people having his back! & on top of that I belive there was only 20,000 views! That’s crazy… there are so many sheep out there and we are only small group in the world who has the ability to control the world!

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