Help required

Hello Everyone,

I started keeping dream journal.

And I keep seeing my ex fiancee.
Yesterday I saw that I was baking cookies for him and I served them in a plate including red roses
It was raining outside and some people were praying inside house, so the house started to shake with prayers and rain.
I Woke up.
I fell a sleep on the couch and saw the same house with red couches my ex fiancee was also sleeping so I woke him up and we were happy to see each other.
I woke up

So I wonder it has anything to do with my sigil I created to communicate with him…

I am in pain for 3 years

Please help me.
If its obsession or not I need help.
Or I nees to heard something from him…

do you feel you are obsessing over him?

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He has an astral cord between you and him, unless you want to pursue the relationship again , remove the cord

How do I improve the core?

Yes that ruins my life.

feel like you have intrusive thoughts on him?

I think of him all the time.yes.

Love Magic?

He is my ex fiancee . I have not done any magic on him yet I have only created a sigil to make him communicate with me.

Can you give me more information about how to improve this thing.

Yea just look up a cord cutting meditation on YouTube or how to cut them , it’s all in your visualization and intention

Well I heard you can accidentally curse someone by just thinking badly about them. I’m starting to think the same. Did your fiance know you did magic?

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But if this is not the case @John_Wick is probably right.

I do not want to cut any bonds. I need to communicate with him.

I think I did it by mistake. I THINK SO MUCH of him. It becames an obsession.

Ya your cords are entangled you were with him a lot so your energies merged with each other to a degree

That is great . I need to work on the energy

If the cord cutting isn’t enough, try treating it like a curse and do an unhexing. The aim is to remove all links between you, then the thoughts will stop naturally, and you’ll even wonder what was so interesting.
Also watch out for parasites that attach to this and feed on it, also perpetuating it like they were farming you.

I don’t envy you, I had this last year and I knew what was happening, and it still took me 4 months and several workings targeting all levels of my being to get to the point where there was no more fuel and it started to wear off. It was 9 months until I was myself again, and I still had the odd annoying thought though, with no more emotion behind it, just habit.

The first thing I did though, was remove the pain aspect. To do that, employ alchemical transformation to the yearning, intentionally and consciously transforming it into unconditional love and allowing. It’s a lightworker technique for transforming low vibrations. Since the transformed energy is light and rarefied, and a bit impersonal and detached, it’s much easier to carry indefinitely.

For more detachment invoke the strength of Aquarius or work with Uranus. Uranus and Pluto together work well to kill romantic love as well.

A nasty case of unrequited love nearly killed me 25 years ago… after a year I was suicidal and I didn’t deal with it well, and I’d never let it go of it all this time, I just blocked it out, and with it blocked all love period… Well I was forced to face it last year, I gave up the block, immediately fell for someone and had no idea how to handle it. I had to learn the whole alien landscape and how to fix it and stay healthy. So that’s where this comes from. I feel for you, hope it gets better soon. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much.
I am pretty sure that nobody understates me, I have been seeing psychologist for some time but It did not help me.
I am in hell for 3 years.
I do not know how to handle it.

Baby steps. Seeing it as something you have and not what you are helps. It is fixable, with work and time.

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