Help regarding financial fraud!

My friend’s account has been hacked and now she has to pay for the money she hasn’t taken and she already paid off one half of the amount but the rest is too much and she is in debt!:frowning:
I can’t help her cause I don’t have a way to.
Can someone please help or else i am afraid she might take a drastic step?:sob:

I am myself a beginner and I have no candles or even access to shops for offerings because of the lockdown​:pensive::sob:


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You don’t need candles or offerings for the simplest forms of magick… all you need is focus, intent, and the belief it has already happened…

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Whom to ask help from tho?:pensive:

For frauds?

I think he means that bune will help get the money. But @QueenMustang is right.


Alright but it’s wrong that she has to pay for the money she didn’t take!:pensive:

I agree, but shit happens. Maybe search for a spirit to give true answers. I’m sure it could help in some way.

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I have never worked with anybody except for lilith and that too I am just building a connection with her but she listens and I only feel her energy for now.
What if I won’t feel the energy of Bune and annoy him/her?:sob:

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These beings want to work with you and will Come if called. dont worry about feeling right now, it comes with practice, Daily ritual, and knowledge.

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Okay so I have to draw bune’s sigil and ask him to help her?

I’ll just tell you how I would do it.

First I would mediate till I hit a alpha state. After that I will open my eyes and gaze at the sigil. Usually the sigil lines will appear and disappear. Don’t forget to blink. While this is happening tell her what you want. Keep your intention pure.

Hopefully this helps. You can also repeat bunes enn while staring at the sigil.


what account? most banks protect you from fraud. Credit card too have some protection if you didn’t charge it and it was stolen. Considering it was promptly reported.

There’s an app called mobiqwik.Scammed her although it was an trusted app idk what happened! She had her pan card and everything attached on the app.:woman_facepalming:

Thankyou so much!:slight_smile::heart:



Heard about andromalius but I am a beginner.
Can you possibly help me out to help her?

she gets statement every month so when she gets it. she knows it’s not her. if report that it was not her. the bank shouldn’t charge her for it. unless she didn’t report it promptly. That’s why i never put my card on file for anything. Most places ask if you want to store card for future. i always say no.