Help recommending demons for wishful gains

Hello wonderful people… thanks for your time and consideration making up the community… please I need recommendations of demons or entities that I can summon to help me change my vicitms mind to satisfying my desired gains for whatever task I needed of them …

I mean… I have some people that I need them to just sign my guarantor’s form and so I can achieve my dreams of clinging more and more business success…
They just have to be involved by doing as I wish…(sign, get documents ready, devote time to do my task. Having thoughts of helping me with my desires in their heart and mind whenever I asked). As they are all capable of helping me with whatever I asked them… but they are not seeing it that way… They must think I can do it all myself…

And so I need a demom that will help me put it in their mind that they need to help me and satisfy my desires from them .

Many thanks in advance.

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Please try using the forum’s search function in the upper right (the little magnifying glass). There are many threads that give the names of demons for manipulation.


Thanks for that response… I forgot to understand my desires should be under “manipulation”… Now I got it…

Sincere apologies for been nasty and hasty… thanks alot.

They’re probably wondering what’s in it for them - you are asking them to take on a lot of risk for nothing - why should they? and what will you repay them with if it works?

Your manipulation won’t budge free will if they think this is a bad idea - self-preservation is a very strong force.

Sweeten the deal, or find another backer who can afford the loss if you fail.

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Personally I am petitioning Marquise Orias to do a simple (for him) manipulation favor for me that carries little risk to the target (and none for Orias, of course). It’s like I was led to him (I made a topic about “am I evoking and demons leading or “referring you” to another demon”). I’ve heard and read about this for many years, where a demon will lead or refer you to another spirit that better suits what you want to accomplish in the way you’d prefer it to be done, and may be more willing to actually do it for you, the demon you originally appealed to might not feel like doing it right then, a bunch of reasons. I had started with King Paimon (because of his specialty with manipulation)and then appealed to Crown Prince Lucifer as well (since King Paimon is obedient to him and well, there isn’t too much Lucifer can’t do for you. I will continue to work with all of these spirits, as they are great teachers and can help me develop and strengthen my magickal and psychic senses and abilities, as well as with other things, such as helping me graduate Mortuary School and it’s concurrent apprenticeship, which requires a lot of dedication, hard work and study, and sometimes a felony record can get in the way). Most of the time, when I call on Marquise Orias, I feel his presence, which is warm, soothing and calming. Orias has let me feel his presence way more often than any spirit/entity I have called on and I take these as good signs. One thing which makes me feel as if I was led to Orias is that I was researching something else and it was like BAM! Right in my face came something written about Orias and how he does manipulation and it’s exactly what and how I’ve been asking King Paimon (who does it a bit differently, tho I’m sure he and Lucifer can do it this way if they want to) and Lucifer to do. I swear, it was almost like Orias was jumping up and saying “I’m your guy, I can and will do this for you”, which I hope is the case, or that King Paimon and/or Prince Lucifer was saying “I know a guy that specializes in exactly what you want, here’s some info on him”.

As another member has said, I’m amazed that more people don’t call on him, as he’s such an awesome spirit. I called to him in my usual way, told him why I was calling him and what I wanted, told him to enjoy the offerings I sat for him, and told him that I also sought a connection with him and friendship, a good working relationship, teacher pupil relationship, and some other things, asking him to please hear my petition and see it come to fruition and offering him my respect, admiration, adoration, etc… and promising him gratitude and public thanks when he aides me in obtaining my petition’s goals, and some other things, including asking him to be with me and be on my side always and that I will always be on his side and tell others of his greatness (and whatever other messages he wants me to convey, all he has to do is tell me or somehow let me know and I will do it). I just spoke to him honestly and sincerely and there came that warm, soothing, and calming feeling. I get this feeling most every time I call on him and have even recently written my petition and other things pertinent to our relationship along with his sigil and enn on some papers that only I know where they are or that they exist, followed by sigil gazing and enn repetition and thanking Orias again (I always respectfully thank an entity for showing up, hearing me, and so on. I never dismiss them, I tell them they may, of course, hang around for as long as they like and they are most welcome with me anytime). I have also been getting Dantallion’s name repeating in my thoughts consistently on a daily basis for weeks now. It’s so much, so often, that I wonder if he wants to tell me something and/or for me to call to him and speak to him. I guess I should make a sigil for him, open it, and call him in my usual way I reach out to/call spirits

@Bicci88 What kind of business are you in, if you don’t mind me asking? Are you already in this business, or at least have your foot in the door? Remember that most businesses are pretty cutthroat, especially given today’s job market. Among the demons that specialize in manipulation, there is one (I forget if it’s Marbas, Orobas, Seere, or another, but I think it’s one of those, who specializes in making someone (like a boss) like you more than other people and see you in a more favorable light. Just remember to ALWAYS be respectful (but don’t grovel) when dealing with spirits, be honest and sincere (they will know if you’re lying and /or hiding something from them, which isn’t the best way to start a relationship, especially when it’s you calling on them asking for assistance/favors). Get to know them, do as much research as you can find on them and have a desire for a relationship with them above and beyond petitions (don’t just ask them for favors and then be done with them, especially if the petition is very important to you and you want to work with them in the future. Try and find what offerings they like and place some for them while calling them. It doesn’t have to be an entire bottle of wine or whatever, but it shows respect they will appreciate. If you can’t find or aren’t sure what they like, sweets and wine/alcohol are common demonic favorites and it shows you thought enough to offer them something. If you choose King Paimon, he doesn’t like blood. He is good for manipulation via conversation and words and he likes sweets and wine/alcohol or a sugary drink). IMO, it’s also a good idea to honestly want a relationship with the daemon. I feel this will make it more likely for them to grant your petition (which I word carefully, not because of fear, but respect and clarity so the entity can get to work on it and not have to think too much about what it is exactly that you want and how you would like it to happen, even tho I’m sure they already know. It’s another sign of respect IMO, like you aren’t asking them to do all the work and shows how important this is to you. I would also ask them what they like while they are there and listening). Also, remember that you have to do your part and put in the work you need to do on your end as much as you can think of and do.

I would start with a single petition (along with stuff that falls in line with it) so you aren’t coming at them with a giant, multi-layered laundry list upon first contact and making a petition to them. Develop good relationships with the spirits you want to work with, sincerely desire a connection, etc… and they will look more favorably on you and see you as one of their own (and they take care of their own). There are many on here that can give more and better advice and guidance, but I did my best to give you a starting reference point. Good Luck


King Paimon is good for business and corporate environments. Also, try Dantalion for changing people’s thoughts. Belial is good at cutting through red tape and nonsense.

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Wonderful… Awesome,. I really appreciate your eye opening advice., I’m grateful for pointing out those needful sacrifices i need to put in place with/from myself in reference to entities and natural effects making it achievable

I’m already in the business, and though it entails some disappointment at times and may have them in some periodic hardship if it fails… I mean they will pay back if they stand as guarantor incase something goes wrong with my workers in executing the business. And time and hardship involved may not be of tolerance to them. I admit the risk involved is about collateral damage if anything happens… I’ll take care of it from other source but maybe late to save them from hardship they don’t intend to go through…

I have done the business engagement for about 8 different occasions… I succeed about 5times without any glitches… and had issues about 1&1/2 time… then disappointment about twice due to incompetent workers that I contracted.

I know the entities will know all that entails… but I’m afraid as a newbie I may not be able to tell them all due to fear of experiencing happiness and surprise mood of having an entity answering me. So my brain may skip some details…but I’ll be prepared to answer if they entity asks about what I forgot to tell them…

Those are the challenges I’m facing.

Are you saying… It’s not necessary to banish demons that are once contacted…? Even if there services isn’t needed anymore until there’s need for it arises in future… I read it’s dangerous to have them around(pazuzu)… and they often detest banishing them after answering call and magician don’t tend to build relationship with them…

Now both reason makes puts me at Cross road and I don’t know what to do…?

Will I be safe if I don’t banish them and pazuzu is among…? Others maybe cool. But I fear pazuzu’s presence as to what I have read may not make me feel good. And banishing them in expectation that I’ll call them again when needed may not build a solid relationship with them… as I don’t intend use/dump though but my safety is of concern… I don’t want to be struggling with physical world if entities start manipulating events around me as against what I desire… Help.

@Bicci88 My research has shown that Pazuzu is a demon of sickness, but can also be a demon of healing. I haven’t attempted working with him, so I really don’t know. In some ancient culture (maybe Sumerian, I forget) he was said to be the arch enemy of Lamashta, a demoness that caused still births, infant and child death, etc… so pregnant women and mothers would pray to/petition him for protection from Lamashta (at least that’s what I’ve read about him, but I really don’t know much about Pazuzu). I wouldn’t want a demon of sickness hanging around. There are many demons that can give you good luck, success, etc… I would research and seek them before Pazuzu, but that’s me. There are so many people on here way more knowledgeable than me, I’m just sharing what I’ve heard and read about him. Good luck in your endeavors and workings ~ Cthulhu

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Thanks a million… that’s an eye opener. I really appreciate it.