Help question about a skull

i got given a monkey skull from a friend the other day out of her snake tank, i dont have dantes book but got told if i put a copper coin under it i can use it as an oracle and the only other thing is its missing its bottom jaw it only has its top set off teeth

Simply putting a copper coin under a skulk won’t do anything. Even if did, would you even know how to use it?

i know that just placing objects here and there wont do anything i was just wondering if i need the whole skull because it is missing its bottom jaw

Ah I see. Then no, the lower jaw allegedly gives speech. Without it, its useless for oracles. According to Christian day in The Witches Book of the Dead.

thank you very much euoi i’ll have to get a full skull now the air is cleared

Not true, the skull needs no lower mandible to talk. Animal skulls, in my experience, are poor for spiritual communication.

Then there ya go. Christian Day isn’t so reliable queen it comes to practical Necromancy.