Help pushing out humans trying to steal demons from me

Someone is trying to take away certain demons from me what can I do to wash this human out who thinks he can override my magick system?

There is a lot you can do.

  • The Freezer Spell is quite popular on here. Its simple and it works wonders.

  • You could come up with your own curse. There are plenty of examples on this forum.

  • You could be confident in your own abilities and powers; that no matter what others try to do, your demons, your magick, etc. will prevail. Its not something joe smo can take away from you and will take a truly powerful practitioner (the likes that are rare to find) to wall you out.

Might be more careful in the future who you talk about your occult stuff with? IDK the full story here. But it sounds like this person is operating from a place of ignorance. You could just ignore them. They don’t sound like a threat.


Take away certain demons? What could he take away that you couldn’t simply call back?


Could you elaborate on the whole “taking away demons” thing?

I will ty

Can’t remember how I did it in the first place lol.

They are linked to me. Not invocation

Look, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no they cant take them from you. Unless you clearly know who, why, or how this seems very silly as they are energy, and energy has no reason to be attached to an individual unless it wants to be or you want it to be. Entities and spirits are also considered multi dimensional in the sense that they are everywhere and no where, and by no means have any obligation to be with you or anywhere. So now what, clear and cleanse yourself, understand that whoever said that was genuinely fucking with you and they got your goat, use confidence and develope your clairs further and I’m sure you’ll see the spirits never left


Can’t be stolen because you don’t own them.
If they leave you, it’s because they chose to go.


Yeah, I can’t see them being stolen. if the beings have a fondness for you without invocation, or any ritual and are your guides or more then that bond is going to be strong and get stronger the more you tend to them. Hell, they might not ever leave you. I recall a spirit that warned me about leaving my passions but revealed there is always bounty when I return to my passions. Honestly, for what I do I have like a dragon’s hoard in what I enjoy. Its greed, and stuff but the value above that is my relationship with the various spirits and my interpretation of the underworld. If true, then there is a place I get to cultivate and create and follow those passions even more and what’s better is the spirits won’t be behind a teasing veil. I’ve learned that foreplay even in spirituality (the journey trials, and such) is so much fun. I could, well and do at times, live in poverty and toxicity but still have that connection to spirits that help me. My Dad, if he found out fully could try (with his bs following a twisted GOD/Jesus paradigm where he is a destroying prophet of the world) to take those connections away but its pretty futile. I mean, my aid to my parents is on the very edge and if they keep pulling crap then that aid and my connection to them is gone much like how my sister has left them.

Just last night I rededicated a pact I made 6 years ago as its a good eternal pact that I just see no reason to throw away. The mutual benefits are just fantastic when the fruition of payment comes.


Indeed they are still with me. I have to take better care of myself so I can access them more.


I will, ty.

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The most I can see someone being able to do is block your connection with them (such as one would severe the ties with another’s ancestors in order to really mess with someone). However, it is not an easy thing to do (in my experience, mind you) and can be completely reversed in time.

As @Thinkdontdrink pointed out, they cannot be stolen as you do not own them. If they go, it is their choice. But it sounds like this is more of a case that someone is trying to get under your skin. Be confident in the relationship you have build with the spirits you work with. It is not something that can be taken from you, especially if not desired by either yourself or the spirits.


They are still with me. One of them took control which I have missed very dearly.

“You couldn’t cast it out. She wants that Demon. And as long as she wants it, she can have it”
( Jesus to Kenneth Hagin )

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So as long as I want them and as long as they want me then we have each other. Is that what your saying?

What in the actual fuck is wrong with some people😂

To mirror what a lot of folks have said on this post, including that excellent quote from @jbkbmz that I now save to my personal collection of quotes:

From my understanding of how demons/angels/gods/etc. work, they split themselves off in various ways for various different purposes. Unless someone has explicitly come to you and said “Hey @ViciousCirce9976, I’m going to cut your connection to (for the sake of example) Asmodeus!” I wouldn’t be too worried about it (and even then, I’d lean on the side of skepticism).

I also second what the wise @Tiberius has said earlier in this post–it takes a LOT of work to undo connections, even if you’re the person that wants to undo the connection. In my experience, most people won’t go through the effort, they’re more likely to try and sabotage the relationship from within and I’d like to believe that most demons are smart enough to see through that. :wink:

@Thinkdontdrink also makes a good point that, much like my belief on all sentient entities, you can’t “own” someone–demon, angel, or human. If an entity wants to leave, they will, just like in any other relationship (working, romantic, or otherwise). I’d also say that, from my experience, when an entity has “fulfilled its purpose” with you, they may also leave if there is no further reason for them to be there.

To offer even more completely original content and not just “echo” it out here on the post (this is sarcasm), I also agree with @Caduceus and @aBetterHuman I’ve had some weird experiences with spirits in the past where I thought they disappeared before the task was done, and they were actually still there. There is a meme online where this alien is like: “Lower the settings to 5% and keep him on autopilot” or something like that, and it reminds me of this example. The energy may just not be as strong as it used to be, and they’re more in the background. If an entity has some sort of tie to you beyond the invocation/evocation, then they’ll always come back.

My personal advice is to reach out to the entity itself and report your concerns and see what they say, alternatively you can cast a freezing spell as originally suggested by @Ryce, but I definitely agree that I don’t know that the claims are legitimate from this opposing force. I’d also advise just taking a breather, you don’t want to “suffocate” the connection between yourself and the entity, if that makes sense (and I say this as someone who went through that phase myself years ago). Sometimes we can hold too tightly to things that the slightest deviation from what we consider the “norm” can make us believe the false claims of ignorant magicians.


According to the information, yes

No idea