Help! Procrastination is ruining me!

I need help. My chronic procrastination has put me in financial ruins. And not only that, my joy of practicing magick is even procrastinated.
I don’t know what to do. I am so scared and lost I don’t know what to do. I’m reaching out to this community for help because you all are my safe space. I tried the make a plan, have dead lines, do small tracks, just start on something, even medication.
Is there a demon I can work with that can help me? Do you have any suggestions on how I can get back on my feet financially and spiritually? I hit bottom and don’t know what to do. I tried for the past 2 years to pick myself back up to no avail.

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Procrastination is an emotion-management issue. Don’t try to railroad yourself into deadlines; adding pressure will just make you feel worse, “digging yourself deeper.”

Addressing the feelings and the thoughts and beliefs that cause them is what will allow you to free yourself.



Sounds like me.

But how i overcome porcastination
The answer is i have something to do actually…
Like study if i dont pass i will not graduate and become loser.

It seems like you have enough to eat or have certain amount of thing in mind that if i didn’t do this I have my father backing me or giving money.

So, you procastinate.

I suggest doing practical work not sitting in one room like loser and juat thinking what to do?

Understand, you don’t have any reason to change yourself
That’s why finding demon to work is also have subsconcious excuse that your brain have given you to be confy.

Dont try to deny it coz i was the same and way more procastinate than you.

So stop finding demon or help from outside and just look inside.
You will find the answer and
The answer is…
You don’t have any reason to change yourself.

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Try the search: we have a few posts about entries for this… I want to say Andromalius but don’t hold me to it, just search on “procrastination help” :slight_smile:

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it’s a matter of will and attention.

your mind is being disarrayed, possibly by too many separate areas of enquiry or interest.
and so you end up working towards none while profunding on many.

set bounds to your activities.
eg. lying down is just for sleep and engaging in stillness…no thoughts or planning to be done.
screentime is limited to 1 hour a day etc.
then tier the goals you wish to work towards…primary secondary and so on.
work on them bit by bit every day, adjusting priorities and time spent based on merit.
keep your mind silent as much as you can and exercise your will.

everything in society and world is designed to grab your attention in one way or another and attention is one of the primary energies. if not controlled then procrastination, anxiety, disarray and many other harms ensue

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Thank you for the thoughts and ideas. I’m going to implement them, especially the stillness suggestion.

I also agree that I had the feeling of always having a safety net. I probably should give a little background. I was an over achiever. I have a masters degree. Went from a medic to medevac pilot for the military in under 5 years. Top of class. Started my own successful digital media business. Checked off everything on my bucket list. Fluent in 4 languages. Wake up at 5am every day to work out. Held 3 jobs in college. Two jobs as an adult. Always optimistic and “dynamic ball of energy and joy”.

Then I felt like I hit a wall. I stopped meeting deadlines for projects, do t wanna work. I keep getting sick as in hospital stay sick, I am just exhausted. I feel like I am subconsciously self sabotaging myself. And although I am always there to help my friends and family emotionally/ financially….I need help. I feel like I am living a lie and I am unhappy. And so I’ve become a loser and procrastinate. Procrastination is ruining me. Am I procrastinating to un alive myself? Hope not. I ask for help from a demon because to me, they are my “savior”, my companion, the one source who’s constant. Like your friends, each offer different kinda help and comfort through their own personality and style.

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i understand, i am much the same in terms of hyper driven and excelling and thanks for sharing your background.

the problem in this case i think is not so much too many areas of enquiry causing disarray but a lack of harmony.

step away from the need to excel in world. you are trying to force something that is not compatible with your current energy dynamic.
there are other things you need to do. you are a dynamic interconnected being in a reality the same.
learn to harmonise your energy both body and mind. most forget about the body but it is crucial.
my recommendation would be to explore tai-chi/qi-gong. it’s motions bring an understanding of the energetic channels within the body to the discerning student

and explore and connect with nature. the man built world and all within it is of inherent disharmony, an attempt by feeble minds to force weak will upon world to their own ends.

you call yourself loser by the paramaters of the world. but keep in mind that in the world a person is no more than a simpleton functional unit in the socio-economic machine, believing and doing as they are told.

inner dissonance and it’s effects are always the result of conflict between belief and recognition at various of the sub-levels within.

also it is good to have ally’s. but the true path of power is first power over self.
all one’s personal trials can have quick fixes, but sometimes other agencies may decline. but without such one is forced to growth.
peace and strength, power and harmony - independent of support.


Thank you! :pleading_face:

@bzed Please do not post links to your blog. Self promotion is against the rules of this forum, and though that may not have been your intent in posting, it can give that impression so I have removed them. You can put a link in your profile, but not on the public forum.

fair enough, and not my intention at all
the need for affirmation is weakness. these were just appropriate links to the issues discussed

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You are cursed or you have been down on energy system. Like someone have done spell on you or you done something stupid in occult or it could be that your biggest blockage in your life have activated.

That’s what i felt from your words.
Remind that i can feel energy from words.
So work on this thing Get help from demons and
If you have money I suggest taking service from people from forum.
They can help you.

I kind of wonder if you have injured yourself by doing too much for too long. High stress environments can damage your body. I ended up with diabetes (or something that is very similar), even though I had a very healthy diet and wasn’t overweight. I wonder if you tested your blood sugar before and 2 hours after eating what you would find.

Duke Aim will help you with your procrastination, he is an amazing spirit to work with in this regard.
Give him a call
All hail Duke Aim :metal::metal::metal:

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