Help please

Ok, I was going to ask for some help as follows:

I think what’s happening with this particular situation is I am wanting this so much it’s screwing with the results. Basically I was involved with someone who had a son who wasn’t handling their separation, she went back because of that. We were going to get back together when the son was older. We kept in touch but then one day out of the blue she calls and says don’t ever try to contact her again. That was 4 years ago. I know he told her stuff about me that wasn’t true. Last year contacted her and told she hates me. Warned off by a police friend of hers. I have done a few spells without results. Her partner is a lying cheating sleaze but she won’t even talk to me. I know if we could talk, if she left him, that we could at least be friends again or more. I lost my best friend and soul mate because of his lies. I just need someone to give me a hand with it because I seem to be sabotaging myself.

Then I got in my car and first song on was “I pray for you” by Jaron and the long road to love. Thankfully no playing up by my radio today as it has had so much interference the last 2 days I couldn’t even listen to it. Then the line “Have a little faith in me” has been going through my head.
Feeling really unsure of myself atm. I have done spells before to get her talking to me, with no result. The last one was only 5 days ago. I know I probably screw it up, I was pretty good with keeping my head off it until today. If someone has any advice for me that would be great, or if someone who is experienced would be willing to do something (like talk to Dantalion or Sallos or another or a spell) on my behalf, I would be eternally grateful. I can feel myself getting stronger and I know the point of success will be there, this is truly the only thing I want in life at the moment. Maybe if someone else had a crack at it might be the extra that’s needed.

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To me it doesn’t seem like you need help with love. It looks like more of an area where changing thoughts, perceptions or manipulation would be more beneficial. Her mind is made up about you, and taking lies at face value without doing any digging to confirm them or speaking to you directly. To me that says that this other man is of great value to her, either because she loves him or could be afraid of losing custody of her son. Unfortunately children are often used as weapons. I would try Belial or possibly King Paimon depending on the actual details.

Unfortunately I screwed up. She called me at work and I wasn’t able to say too much with my boss right there so I didn’t worry about defending myself when she said not to contact her. Biggest regret of my life. The only contact I had for her was disconnected.

You need to think objectively here. @Narsonix makes sense with thought manipulation and child custody points.

However, as spells are not working (Maybe the energy is waiting for an opening??). Figure out whats the situation here. You think he is feeding her lies, maybe situation is completely different here.

I suggest get a divination done from a psychic medium. Dont do it yourself, as your emotions will play with the results. Findout why she is avoiding you/ whats wrong with her that she does not wanna talk to you. If its child custody, get her her childs custody using magick. If its something else, then you gotta findout what it is and then figure out your options to solve that problem.

Always think of a Win - Win situation first before bashing the heads of everyone in your way :wink:

Did someone say Thought Manipulation??

King Paimon is your guy :wink:

Oh I know he lied. I even got a letter from a girl who helped him. Trouble is I don’t know what else he might have done that would make it look like me trying to break them up.

You’re right though, I need her to want to talk to me first. I don’t need help from there, the getting her to contact me is the part I can’t get past

There you go boy, you know what you need now :wink:

I suggest Write a letter to King Paimon. Explain him the situation in a concise manner.

Also, tell him what you want him to do for you. e.g. Please make her talk to me/call me and tell me her problems and why does not want to be with me anymore. Or somewhere along these line that makes sense to you.

And Vaoila !!!

Yep I will do that. Funny thing is someone I know but don’t have friended on FB or anything and don’t contact any way other than text messaging sent her a message on FB a few weeks ago saying she didn’t know me, was a psychic (she is) and I wanted to have coffee with her. She read it today. Blocked the friend but she did read the message

King Paimon is awesome at mind manipulation. He can sort it out.

Let me know the results with him, will you?? :wink:

Best evocation method?

Just search the forums, or do a little research. Many evocation methods have been posted many times, yet people keep asking for us to hand them the answer instead of looking for it.

Write a letter of Intent to King Paimon. Kind of an application letter but more geared towards asking for his help.

It is one form of evocation. It is simple enough, anyone can do it in sleep :wink:

I usually charge the sigil, recite the enn and then ask. I will add the letter in then burn it with a candle I light at the start. I am always interested to see if someone has something that works well for them rather than just use my normal routine

Then make a thread asking people to share their personal evocation methods. That way, when someone comes around looking for methods of evocation, there’s a nice little thread all about it that can be easily found.

Personally, I usually just call the spirit by it’s names and titles and say that I have a request/petition/need for them until I have their attention.


Please read my original message. May not have been exactly what I asked for but I did ask for help and asking how someone successfully evokes is in that vein

Your whole issue with your lust for results is that you need to ground that shit and depolarize a bit. Banish your lust for results or git gud at self-control via meditation.

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