Help please

is there sombody ojt here who can teach me how to evoke a living oerson i dont know this tehniwue sound amusing and interesting if somobe here evoke a living person what they get do they see hear person in any way please help

please help

Evoking a living person is the same as evoking any spirit from my understanding. If you can evoke a demon or an angel, you can evoke a person. There are multiple threads on the forum about this topic that you might want to check out. They might be able to answer your questions. Just do a search for “Evoking a living person.” There is some debate about what you get when you evoke a living person, and the only way to know for sure is to do it.

If you want to learn how, I recommend investing in the OAA Discourses. In the higher level, you have to evoke EA Koetting as the Head of the Order to receive the Flames.

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ok what are benefits of evoking somone i didnt catch that

I would assume you could obtain knowledge, or you could manipulate said person through the piece of them you evoked. It’s all conjecture until you do it. Evoke someone and ask them.

can you evoke president to obrtain his secrets

You can evoke anyone. Try it.

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do you need to have visualisation

Well, that being said certain people may have defences of a sort where it’s a very bad idea to do so.


thank for all the help

Can you evoke sombody for me please pm me i would be really thankful i can message people only they can message me please pm me

i cant message nobody that is

please pm me i need ypur help

Please if you have time pm me