Help please

How do I make my girlfriend obsessed with me? I’ve been with her for 1 year now.

There are demons that can fuck up someone’s mind.

But let me give you a heads up: obessions isn’t what you really want.

You can have two possible outcomes. In the first, she becomes obsessed with you and you end up with a dangerous stalker that can’t breath without you.

In the second, she becomes obsessed with you, but realize she is obsessed, and decides that she has to get away from you. No contact unless you speak first. Maybe even blocking you and pretending you don’t exist. She will still think about you every day… and you won’t be none the wiser. She may even resent you.

I’m talking out of experience, since I’ve been obsessed like that and this girl always called me out because she was always the one who started the conversation.

So, be sure what’s what you really want. And if you proceed anyway, at least don’t blame the magick when something bad happens.

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