Help please, need advice before and after break up spell

a woman having a relationship with a relative is making life near impossible for the family. So I have to perform a break up spell but need some advice, so I shall give a brief summary of the subjects I need to be adviced.

1.It is fine if I combine a break up sigil and a break up jar together for a greater strenght?

  1. Do I need protection? If affirmative, would be enough and fine if I perform before rituals a shield visualization, and after all rituals a salt cleansing bath?

  2. Should I protect the other family members? if affirmative: how?

  3. When you visualize a protecting shield; it is built for ever, or you have to visualize it all days for ever?

I look forward your advices!

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You are really worried about hurting yourself, it’s the first time I see someone so worried about that, more worried than about the success of the spell, I mean

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That´s the main reason I need advice.

I would like to advice you not to do things that you know that you will regret.
As for protection magick, there are various techniques. I would advice you to get behind some big entity that is close to you, provided that you have that closeness and you won’t regret what you will do.


why do you say “things you know you will regret”?

Because you don’t seem very sure about all this black magic thing, and for some people that causes the spells to fail, specially if you don’t have back up from entitites


…if you feel any type of regret or guilt, it can hinder the success of your spell as well.

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So I am here to learn.

About entities helping, could be fine o invoke Archangel Michael for protection?

Yes, but you need to call him for real, as there is a huge difference between summoning an archangel and talking alone in your room

I would advise you to not do a break up spell.

You really have no right to interfere with the relationships of others - regardless of the circumstances. My advice, learn to accept the relationship and maybe try to distance yourself when possible.

Family or not - the other person needs to have the will to break it off if it’s unhealthy.

Careful. Treading the waters of moralizing here.

That being said, I sort of agree with the others on perhaps a break up spell is not the way to go- I went back and checked your recent posts, and it seems you have a lot of fear.

Instead work magic that doesn’t involve curses. Bless the woman to have an abundance of something that will cause her to leave your relative. Do work on her to help find her nearest soulmate instead. Spend a moment getting to know the woman and finding out what her dreams are.

The options are endless, but often if one does good work for one part of the couple instead of cursing, a breakup becomes inevitable.


all your messages about fear are very interesting. However when magicians soeak about protwction, it seems to be certain level of fear?

you suggest then to eliminate all fear? Then, what happens with protection that it seems every magician implements?

I think we came to conclusion about fear, due to the number of posts you have made about protection. It seems to be a subject you won’t drop, despite me seeing advice in at least once of your older threads, and I myself knowing for Fact there are many searchable post on the subject within our forums. Googling the subject will also lead you to a lot of advice on the topic, but you keep asking the same question in slightly different ways. This to me indicates you are most certainly afraid thst you are vulnerable if attempting a curse of any sort.


Eliminate all fear, regret, guilt, etc before, during and after any ritual or magick you perform.

Yes, that’s what I’m suggesting. Not just with curses or breakup spells, but with any spells…

If you feel you need to do it, then protect yourself during the entire process.


I have known witches who never protected themselves.

Ok…then if you don’t want to protect yourself then you don’t have to.

I’m not sure what exactly it is you’re looking for, everyone is giving some great advice yet it’s met with resistance.

Good luck & hope you find what you’re looking for.


Thanks for calling me out - still working on that aspect. It comes up due to a recent issue of mine.

I liked the advice you gave @Keteriya. I had never thought of that before.

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QueenMustang, do not misunderstand me, please. I am grateful to all advices given. When I said that I have known witches who never protected themselves I was not discarding your advice about protecting me, as it is a wise advice. I only wanted to say that I have known people who didn´t have any fear and so they needn´t to protect. :wink:

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:wink::bouquet: all is well…

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