[Help Please] Deity Masks

What are the xian masks for Anubis and Dionysus?

Not sure why you’d need this but as far as i know the god of wine was mixed in with the various myths of satan as the tempter. Can’t say I’ve heard of anyone working with anubis under a Christian mask. No real reason to when you can work directly with him.

This kind of thing is useful from a historical and intellectual sense in my experience but not so much in the practical unless your tryin to learn about an entity that showed up and your mind is full of mostly Christian associations.

The monotheistic cults of the world demonized or attempted to demonize every other tradition and cultural spirit not apart of theirs.

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In xtianity anything not a god or angel is just ‘the devil’. Anything else is ‘demons’, and then you might as well use the names you just specified.

Anubis doesn’t have a xian mask, there is a goetia linked to Anubis but I personally do not believe that goetia is Anubis due to meeting them both and Anubis doesn’t care much for the Infernal pantheon, he seems mostly all work with his psychopomp duties. A lot of Gods were demonized but there was never a name tagged to most of them until the LHP started linking them to their demons/the goetia for the most part.

Dionysus I’m not entirely sure, maybe @Anassa has a word on it.


what does this word mean, i see you write it every once in a while

Psychopomps are creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife. Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply to guide them.


Some say Christ was inspired by Dionysus along with a ton of other Gods.

Anubis none that I can think of.

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Thank you!

if im not mistaken, in the egyptian pantheon there was a god who died and resurrected after 3 days, Thot maybe or horus

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Osiris or Horus was likened to Jesus.


I know Osiris was brought back to life after being killed by Seth.

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And Aset (Isis) is often compared to Mary.


yeah i think it was Horus who was likened to Jesus, and if Isis was likened to mary it makes more sense

I don’t appreciate Xtianity in general, due to all the destruction of ancient temples and statues to build their churches above the temples with the materials from said temples, all this hate and all this killing pagans and cursing the ancient traditions. So, I do not work with Xtian…things, but a lot of saints got traits (pure stealing lol) from pagan gods.

Just saying…


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Yes it’s said that Jesus is an amalgum written from the myths of previous religions, and Osiris is one of them.

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