Help please? Curse/attack?

Can someone tell me if I’m cursed or under attack please?

Besides life being pretty shitty for a long time all in all (but I push through and I’m always trying to do better mentally)

I’ve been really struggling with health lately.

And am really quite bad right now, but doctors said they couldn’t find anything.

Can anyone see, for my peace of mind If I’m cursed or under attack or both?

I’ve been doing an angelic mantra too, this one, KOH TA KEM FA LONG TOO.

But I seem to be getting a little worse if anything, I don’t know if it could be a harmful malicious mantra, or that it’s holding things off, and it’s something else.

Clarity to anyone else that can experiment with it/try it would be great too.

Really panicing here, hate being in the dark, some help really needed, I’m feeling a little critical health here, I might have to call an ambulance but I hope not.

If anyone could help out, and tell me if that incantation from the angels above is legit, seen it on another post.

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If your health is in danger and it is an emergency, please immediately call an ambulance or go to the nearest emergency room.

BALG can help you with magickal advice, not medical advice. The forum will still be here when you return.

Edit: As for your magickal question, I recommend reading and applying The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. Alternatively you can call archangel Raphael for healing.

But I really want to reiterate the fact that no one here is qualified to give medical advice, and even if they were qualified, it is no replacement for being assessed in person by a physician. Please, please seek help in the real world if you are having a health crisis.


Yeah I know, I just might call them.

I just wanna know the source for sure isn’t just physical.

Can someone PLEASE JUST HELP ME and give me information instead of telling me what I SHOULD DO.

Peace of mind alone would give me so much strength to face this.

Even if I call the ambulance, I may be chanting this mantra in my head to help, and may be harming myself.

So I need to know, wether I call the ambulance or not, that this is safe.

As I don’t wanna be doing it in the hospital if it’s causing me a negative effect.

And if I do go to the ambulance, get fluids, get healed, this will just happen again if it’s another force causing these problems.

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You said your health wasn’t too good to begin with, before using the mantra, so it is not the mantra. Not everything is caused by magick or supernatural things.

What are you expecting us to do honestly ? Snap our fingers and you are all healthy again ? No, as Veil said you have to go to an hospital, or emergency room.


Yeah but only recently, not to begin with, last few weeks.

Also it’s about when I started using the mantra, so I’m not sure.

Also wtf are you talking about, did I say any snap fingers? I don’t think you all are that powerful, maybe a few.

I specifically said, can anyone see if I’m cursed or am being attacked, did I ask for instant healing or even any healing? Pretty sure I didn’t.

Then stop using the mantra, and see for yourself. But please, you have to go see someone qualified.


Well, I’ll tell you what you should do, which is to just stop chanting the darn mantra if you feel it harmed you and go seek medical help. Enough is enough. This is a magickal forum, not a medical forum. @Mulberry @DarkestKnight @itsnathanm7


These are legit, but you have to use them to direct energy. Visualise the related Angel and ask for it’s help, and see healing energy flowing into you as you chant.

You don’t know what’s wrong with you, so your direction will be generalised. Qi will go where it’s needed, so that’s fine.

You must calm yourself and not fear, as the fear itself is going to make it worse. Fear is a very negative energy.

If the doctors couldn’t find anything the best they can do is give you meds for the symptoms, but it should buy you time to learn more and work on it.
When the cause is hard to find, it’s often food allergies and environmental toxins, that can give really weird symptoms that don’t match the doctors playbook. Try an elimination diet (there are books on this) to rule out food as an issue. Never eat soda, seed oils or soy. Make sure you don’t have mold in your house, etc.


Magick is meant to encompass everything, are you serious?

Do you people truly even really believe?

My mindset, magick can do everything, literally everything, that mantra is literally for improving physical health and another for healing.

So to my mind, a magickal form is an everything form, it just depends on the kind of magick.

This is health magick (the mantra) and it’s by a global moderator, and someone really esteemed, so I’m wondering what is going on.

This is a magickal form and I’m talking about magick, health magick.

Yes, I’m dead serious.

Go seek medical help.


Yes we do. We also understand that magick works best when you put in the effort. Magick isn’t a cure all.


I’ve been using the phyiscal vitality one, maybe that’s more of an improvement than healing.

Maybe it’s using too much of my energy that’s needed for healing to try to improve me like forced exercise when you’re ill.

Perhaps that’s the issue?

If you feel the mantra is making it worse then why keep reciting it? Also, I suggested going to seek medical help because you yourself said you were going to call an ambulance. We can only suggest so much here…on this magick forum.

I’m not the problem, I’m just here to help.


Doing a mantra literally 12 hours straight for 2 days with no rest isn’t effort?

The hell is everyone so defensive and aggresive on this form.

Literally nigh everything is met with some type of forced “I know it all, isn’t it obvious how dumb you are!?” and “tough love” minus a lot of the love approach.

And that’s not jus to me, but like 95% of people that ask for help on here.

Your first thing is to both insult my effort, and make claims about my ignorance on magick.

Also why isn’t magick a cure all? a kill all, a full defense, a full offense, perfect insight, true enlightenment, ect.

Magick is just manipulating the forces of the universe and yourself with will and techniques.

With the proper power and knowledge, why couldn’t it cure all, you saying for example that literal god couldn’t cure all if they wanted to? Isn’t that their magick?

It’s just to do with the power, and knowledge, which is why I’m looking for more here, because I’m not looking to cure all, I’m looking to cure my specific problem.

It’s like you all say, it’s a magick forum, if you don’t have the answers on magick, maybe a more experienced mage can help? and that’s what I’m waiting for, no offense meant, because I’m not that level either, but I can admit it and ask for help.

But you aren’t taking the mundane effort. I understand that you think that magick is some supernatural cure all but it’s really just another tool to use. If you have a medical problem no amount of magick will be better than an actual doctor.

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Well, I think you are pronouncing it differently than designed, and you need to connect with the Angel, then the energy that comes in is new and doesn’t cost you.

Fo not Koh.

In addition, you need to have a connection to Earth the ground out the unwanted energy… that needs to have somewhere to go so you can get rid of it.
The easiest way to do that is to go outside and get your bare feet on the grass.
If you can sit on the grass and meditate with this mantra for a while, and watch the changes in your energy system, then you’ll know when it’s enough.


Another option, is to reach out [aka pray] to Raphael, who is a well known Angel of healing.

Layering work like this is common and they won’t be offended.

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When someoen comes here asking to summon a demon for cash, people usually tell them which one or to try which one.

No one says “THIS ISN’T A FINANCIAL FORM” If it’s about magickally roofying someone for a love spell, people tell them to try lillith or whatever, no one says “this isn’t a dating site”

Why am I being shamed for looking for physical magick to heal myself? It’s a school, people have spoke about it on here, it’s called biokinesis.

(which darkest knight claims to know by showing of these mantra’s, that’s medical magick) why aren’t you going to him saying “MAGICK CAN’T HEAL YOU! THATS BS, THIS ISN’T A MEDICAL FORUM!”

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Oh and yeah, I just wrote it wrong, sorry I actually WAS saying and using FOH, not koh, I was just writing it as koh there, mistype.

I was doing the mantra as “foh” no worries.

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