Help, please! (Break Up couple)

Dear friends: Sincerely I need your help.
There are some cases when you feel a relationship shouldn´t continue. I think and feel this is one of these. I will tell you: a close and very dear relative(is male) has fallen into the clutches of a very destructive and possessive woman since some years ago. Before this relationship, he , my relative, was a very happy and friendly person. He was probably my best friend, but all changed abruptly when he fell in love with this dark woman, all his luminous energy has been absorbed, vampirized by this jealous and dominating woman, who demands all his time,for herself. She has kept my relative away from most of his old friends, and has caused our old friendship to become hostility, and has made him a cold and distant person towards the ones who some time ago were his closest friends and relatives.

Last year I cast a break up spell and some time after they broke up. This rupture, could also have been a logical consequence of the enormous pressure she was putting on him, Many relatives and friends of him celebrated this rupture, but some months after that they took up the relationship again, and now they are again united, with more intensity as he is now much more submissive towards her power than before. What break up spells or rituals could I cast /perform? Of course I don´t want to cause him any damage, only want to liberate him from that bad influence.
I am a total beginner so I can´t perform difficult rituals involving demons nor spirits as I am not ready for that and could be dangerous. I am mainly acquainted with Hodoo, and similar type rituals. I would be very grateful fro your help.

Sour jar is usually my go to for this kind of things. The book " Magickal Attack" also has a ritual for break ups that I’ve had success with that is geared for beginners.

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I would be cautious, and clarify for myself with a few questions about the situation:

Does the woman practice? Is there metaphysical harm (other than karmic output) potential for me or my friend in this situation?

What ways could I first defend myself from such a possibility? How could I defend him?

Would defending him from magical depredation, glamour, or attack be a better alternative than manipulating his relationship? Which is more likely to work? Which has the least cost?

If you choose to swaddle him in magical protection from the above, will that also shield him from further magical influence on your part? Should you first initiate a break up, then shield him once your spellwork manifests, so as to prevent her just winning him back as before?


Hello, I am not sure if she practices. I have no data. My intuition says perhaps but only based on the enormous power she has over him. Since their first rupturing or break up, general environment has been very stressful. Familiar relationships can be described as distant, cold and stressful.

As I told you , as I am novice, the only magick I tried was jar sour magick, but due to these mixed results and her great power(magickal or personal)I prefer to ask you for detailed instructions before trying again. My only goal is they definitely break up with absolutely no harm for my relative(the man).

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Thank you

Could anyone help, please? I think that this thread maybe interesting for many people in my same situation. Thank you.

If everything else fails try to contact other spirits for help:
The Olympic spirit Arathron can destroy anything, even relationships (be careful, he embodies the powers of Saturn and is destructive)

Goetic spirit Gaap can conjure hatred between two individuals…

Goetic spirit Raum can cause arguments and mistrust arise at home…

Goetic spirit Orias can change the heart and mind of a named individual (you can use this on any of them; make them realise the relationship is not good for them and that they should stop for example)

There is another thread about splitting two individuals on the forum. You can use the search :mag_right: function to find it


My bad, I didn’t read this disclaimer. You can use the petition method though! It’s easy, you can find it by searching “petition tutorial”

You can try a moving candle, lemon, break-up spell. Just take a look at my profile pic.

2 Black candles (represents each person)
Break Up or Separation Oil
1 Lemon
Red Pepper
Black Mustard Seeds
Chilli Powder
Salt & Pepper
Poppy Seeds
Name/Petition Papers
Optional (I use the 3rd pentacle of Mars Or Leraje Sigil)

Thanks for your answers.

-When performing folk spells of magick, like jars, is protection needed?
-if the woman practices any kind of magick, for example a binding spell for subjugating the man, it is necessary to take any additional actions or precautions, or the jar spell will do the job anyway?(certainly I do not know if the woman practices or not practices. I have no proof. It is only an assumption).

Use these simple candle magick very easy explained on lesson 4

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How effective are, in general these jars? By the way, what is a moving candle?

C.Wilson is more experienced with the sour jars. My work differs. I made a post about the moving candle spell. You can check it out below if you like…

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Do you protect yourself when perform a break up ritual/cast a spell? if so, how?

“magickal attack” book would be your best bet. Or get “demons of magick” as you can have 72 demons at your disposal. More useful in the long run. And the books are for beginners explaining all you need to get things done with casting magick. The book is self contained. It don’t need other stuff. It’s probably your safest route as you get needed basics info for protection. Worth the investment instead of asking for spell on this forum with no background safety knowledge which can cause you more trouble than you want.


That’s what I was thinking, maybe the woman is a practitioner of some sort. I would proceed with caution if this proves to be true.

c.kendall posted this it might help.