Help on Theta Gamma Sync

This is my experience and I want to get some feedback.

So I tried doing the theta gamma sync as suggested by many people but I’m not sure I can do it.

I tried it at the sky today (it’s almost like going crossed eyed) and when I did it I saw many light blue (but darker shade than the sky) orbs that appeared and disappeared many times very fast. The sky also turned into a very light fade of violet and my vision caved in and out multiple times pretty fast as if I were blacking out. When I try the theta gamma sync on the line between the ceiling and wall I only get the tunnel vision though. So am I doing this correctly?

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@Purple @DarkestKnight you two have been very helpful to me I’m hoping you can help me understand the basics of any spell. Thank you in advance.

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I don’t use this method so can’t really advise, but hope you get some help, did you try searching? :thinking:

If you set the parameters for posts made Before March 2017 you may find some more in-depth material, post volume increased when this forum moved to the new software and out from behind a registration wall, and so searching by Latest First tends to give fewer high-quality results, and more posts that are, themselves, questions.

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There’s a saying when it comes to accessing states of mind. If you’re trying, you’re trying too hard.

The easiest thing I found is to go into the idea of meditation with a goal. In your case, the goal would be to hit the TGS.

Get nice and comfortable, and allow yourself to fall into a meditative State. Don’t Force It

Once this happens, allow yourself to almost fall asleep, to the point where you feel yourself rocking in place. Like your soul is trying to wiggle out of your body.

That is one way to know that you are right on the cusp, right at the edge of the Theta gamma synchronization.

From there, allow your mind to drift in inward, and see where it goes. I highly recommend that you have pencil and paper nearby for whenever you leave that state so you can write everything down. You will not remember it all.

I hope that helps.


The Theta-Gamma Sync is an overly-complicated way of describing a hypnotic induction.

For the life of me, i will never understand why magicians have to describe things in the most complicated, hardest-to-do-imaginable way when there are easier, faster methods to get the exact same result.

To get the state in a simpler way, do the Betty Erickson Induction instead.