Help on defending against dreamwalking

So I have a couple people that like to dream walk me, now there’s no way I can prove it but I’d rather dream and astral travel with out someone else disturbing my it. I was having a really lucid astral travel and this person kept taking the attention off of my travel and put the attention on her when it was over she tried to affect my memory of it. When I have a travel experience and I remember it as soon as I wake up I wouldn’t just forget about it.
I forgot about the dream completely and then I remembered it again soon after. I have good enough senses to know when I’m being either attacked or dream walked or if someone is trying to manipulate me. Then there’s this other person who dreamwalks me and almost every time he is trying to steal something from me in the dream. And sometimes he will make me forget the dream and at the same time I wake up and my heart will be beating really fast this only happened to me a couple of times but. In a couple dreams he actually tried to fight me. The last time he tried to fight me I actually beat his ass and you another time I choked him to the point where he passed out then I threw him. I was just defending my self. I just want to have a normal dream or travel with out someone disrupting my dream. Thank you in advance.

Create mental defenses, when someone dreamwalks another they have to either be trusted or skilled enough to make it through the person’s mental maze/defenses, we all have natural defenses but those who want extra tend to add extra defenses to their mentalscape.


Failing that, You could always invoke Hecate, Leviathan or Lilith and ask them to guard your dreams


“this person kept taking the attention off of my travel and put the attention on her”

And that in a nutshell, is the essence of dream combat. The prize is your opponent’s attention. They want to focus it where they want, you want to focus it where you want.

See, in a shared dream, each dreamer experiences their own unique dream, yet it’s some how shared. Like how a bird watcher and a car fanatic can walk down the street and see different things. The things the one focuses on might as well not exist for the other. First rule of dream control, everything requires your attention to exist.

Forget about protection. You NEED to learn to play this game. Not just for dream walkers, every single entity plays by these rules as well. Everyone and everything wants to use your attention resources for themselves, you have to learn to resist that shit. You can’t just hide your head in the sand.

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This comment is old but I really would like to know how does one start?

Ooo I remember when something like this happened to me years ago. I got to the point in the dream that I looked to see where they had gotten in. They used a mirror portal spell basically. So when I smashed it the connection was cut from their bodies to their astral mind self. Basically there was no way out of the dream except awaken. So if you have a lot of this I also suggest looking for their entrance way. Not sure if it’s everyone or not but from my experience their maybe one. On top of that wards and shielding. You can also set up extra traps to make that space in between your walls and your actual dream place like a land mine field.

@Zoclora this would be awesome if I could remember my dreams. I only remember bits and pieces. I believe whoever it is is intentionally making me forget and using a demonic entity to instill fear. I would like to know how do I get over my fear of combating them in my dream so I could then take control of my dreams.

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@ChristSaves22 Iv had attempts on me to force me not to become lucid. I literally had to fight with some people because they found out I became lucid.

I suggest then in a journal write what you can remember even if it’s not a lot. From there collect those pieces and hopefully you’ll catch on. One of the things that surprisingly worked was evoking. I was in a space with some people that I knew. One of them was my soul family member the others weren’t. I wanted to try and make amends to the one who was my soul family but it started to turn ugly. I am terrible at lucid dreaming. So a lot of what I do is not to much in my control. However the desire to get ahold of Satan was huge. I literally sat there and mentally called out to him. A portal opened and he grabbed me and brought me through it.

I know emotions play a huge part in things. So I hope that helps some. You carry emotional memories more strongly then mentally at times. Your heart after all has a mind too. I suggest reaching out to a being that does dream work. I know Nammah does or at least she let me know about a nightmare demon that was in my room. I didn’t know he was there lol He didn’t bother me but if you work close to a being of any they can act as alarm bells persay.

And for some reason I just got an idea of mixing a incense blend of rosemary, sage and lavender. Burning it. Oh obsidian stones. That’s something I use to practice and probably should start again. I use to practice building up my defenses with a obsidian shield around me. I also was starting to work with fire as defense by casting it around me. :thinking:

@Zoclora thanks this helps. Ill look into Angels who I can invoke to help as well

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