Help on daily routine

I think my energy is imbalacing as I am not concentrating on my every aspect. I need a professional daily routine of exercises that would keep all my senses and energy balanced and would devlop them. Please, help me.

Please, I would like the bestest routine

-Do banishings
-Do rune yoga
-Comment “Liber AL vel Legis” with your spirit guides
-Do some astral projection
-Read some books
-Practice divination
-Summon someone or something
-Study something seemingly unrelated to magic


I see that you are a man of culture as well. :+1:


What does it mean?

Can you pm me some material on that.

You can also either search for any threads here for rune yoga or google it. I’m sure there is a ton of info on the internet about it.

also, study something unrelated to magick means just that. study something that isn’t related to magick. a new language, a new hobby, anything that isn’t related to magick.

Oh, thank u :blush:

Any more suggestions?
I would conclude all suggestions.

You can start with stopping bumping every minute, just saying you know.

@MagusOfGamaliel Already gave you enough material to keep you busy for months.

Ok bro, ask u after I practice that

Do you know any entity who can help me get more freedom

Some sort of meditation daily - preferably at a set time - so you can work on calming your mind and enjoying the spiritual aspect whilst still giving yourself some structure and routine e.g. setting aside the same time every day to meditate.

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tai chi and chi kung meditation.