Help needed

I was just wondering, can a Spirit teach me how to get along better with women? I mean not just bringing a woman into my life because that’s not the problem.
I mean if a Spirit can teach about how to better understand women and so having better communication and a better relationship with them.
Because one thing is to get women and another thing is to keep them and have a good relationship. If so , how is this possible? Through merging consciousness with the Spirit or by Sigil Magick Working? Or maybe something else entirely?
Maybe there are methods that don’t necessarily involve Spirits.
Like E.A. said , a Magician cannot ascend until his basic needs are fulfilled.
So every answer is appreciated. Thank you!

Sitri is very good at this, as well as spirits who influence others in general like Belial. Belial helps with charisma in general besides just women

What kind of working do you suggest with him?

I usually just do sigil meditation with candles, and visualize what I want them to help me with.

I did have another idea but i sort of… hesitated as I never worked with this spirit before, Maybe Lilith?

As I understand, Belial can help you feel more confident around them, which leads to better bonding and friendship, while Sitri just attracts them to you

You can do a merging of consciousness with them but it isnt entirely necessary

I usually don’t advocate pacts lightly, but if you are looking for a spirit that can aid you in understanding and influencing others (women or women and men) and want this to be a long term ability (not just a say a prayer or chant an Enn to get laid.) then I would suggest a pact with a spirit like Belial.

Maybe not him per se, but a spirit you have researched, worked with a bit and would be comfortable in a pact with.

Good pacts will allow you to make a strong bond and access the spirit and their virtues quickly and powerfully.

I’ve experienced how strong the influence of attraction is, with a female spirit by my side. I found it quite fascinating, but that kind of influence need the final initiative taken by yourself. Since the force of free will is always on the equation - that’s what my spirit wives told me - the path/goal in front of you, have to be mutual in some way or another.

Conscious or subconscious attraction? The latter part is where the spirit or entity makes things stir up to the surface, and make things happen. It’s like getting your dinner served, but you will stay hungry if you don’t actively use your fork and knife to put the food in your mouth. It basically creates an opportunity to make that first step, because attraction is made.

Lilith, or her daughters is - in my opinion and by experience - experts on how females work, physically and mentally. But since they also can fall in love with a human, for some deeper reasons they only know (they can see our own inner potentials, spirits and souls), these kind of pacts should not been taken lightly. As I see it, they have the knowledge. But they can also fall in love.