Help needed with practicing

Hi all, I am very new although I have hung about and read posts for a while and posted once or twice

My question is, is there a way of practicing subtlety? My problem is my wife is pretty much always home and not sure how she would feel about it,

I have bought demons of magick and have intentions of practicing the the content when I get time alone

Is there anything I can do in the meantime ? Does drawing sigals and carrying them on me or even just silently asking for help or anything really ?

I have a lot of debt I need help with and general money issues, I need help with my job in regards of promotion and just life in general

I appreciate any help

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You could practice astrally, as in Astral Projection. Doesn’t require any tools and it’s a useful skill to have.


I think your best bet would be to practice pathworking. Pick up a copy of Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove, or Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose. It’s all done in your mind so from the outside it would only look like you are meditating.


That ^ and/or, take up hiking and perform workings in the wilderness.


Both of them are fantastic books. LHD is one of my favorites because it banks off the #abramelin which I’m developing a wiki for currently as a contribution to the forums.

Seriously one of my favorite activities when it’s not raining in the Pacific Northwest, especially if you need to generate feelings of gratitude and you really appreciate nature.

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Thanks everyone for your help, I will check out the books.

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I actually thought my husband was okay with me practicing, and he was, for a while. Then he got very paranoid and got rid of some of my old Crowley and magick books. He started to worry about the Illuminati. It lead up to a surprise divorce announcement, going to hell to try to get him back, and basically going psychotic. I wish I could say it was cause he got real religious or something, but no, just craziness and not wanting to have anything to do with anyone.

So, um, yeah, you don’t need to let her know to start, but when people get too out of sync in terms of spiritual development, it becomes a real problem and I didn’t listen to people like Crowley, or even my mentor, Belial, who said he was no good for me (after he told me he was going to divorce me.).

I think part of it is, if both people aren’t on a path of self improvement (or whatever) one of them can get left behind. This isn’t to discourage your practice or tell you to give it up, and you don’t need to make up your mind about it after one little ritual or something, but it is something to be aware of and not try to downplay.

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Asking for help subtly works there no doubt about it, even silently asking.
Drawing sigils would work too, though, if you’re concerned about your wife finding out, might not be the best option. In my opinion, working with demons in a silent fashion would be the best option, however as stated in the post above, be aware that in working with them (or any spirits for that matter) can lead to shifts in lifestyle and things around you. Though keeping it shadowed, will likely only last so long, from my experience. There is also the intent to take into account, if you intend/ask that it doesn’t affect your marriage, it should also be honored by those you work with by rights, free will and all. Ultimately though it depends on the blocks and the willingness to change.

there is the 72 angels book that is equivalent to the demon of magick book. i’m sure she’s open to angels. most are. demons aren’t the only entity that help with finance issues. nitika isn’t a demon.

GOM actually considers the genius spirits a counsel of spirits of some sorts they wrote about it on their blog.