Help needed with magick when on heavy meds

I have MS, and it’s relapsing. I’m taking some new really heavy meds that are making me so tired, spaced out and groggy, and it’s really affecting my ability to practise magick. It’s starting to really get me down because I felt like my practice was getting to a good point and now I feel like I can’t connect at all. It’s also leaving me exhausted. It’s greatly affecting my ability to work and study. Is there anything that I can do to help overcome these side effects, or any simple evocation that could assist with overall connection and mental focus/ clarity? Thanks so much :blue_heart:

I actually mentioned this on a thread a few months back because I struggle with addiction and always seem to go back and forth between the polyuse of it but in the long run and present moment; if the clarity is not there, then there will be bare deliverance, only because clarity requires attention and that stems from focus and sharpness most of the time.

If you don’t get use to these meds, you will lose clarity and may lose some skill but this is only temporary.

Magick is like a muscle and it truly does retain memory of what you’ve done. When I was on meds when I was in my teenage years, I realised certain ones did affect my performance (for better or worse). Observe how you go for the next couple of weeks and always stock up on good food to eat and minerals/vitamins etc etc to keep the body stable and to help hormone balance.

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Thanks so much. It’s helpful to hear from someone who has been through a similar experience with the effects of drugs on their magick. I hope you’re in a good place now with your addictions.

You’re right, I’ll have to try and ride this out until I can regain better focus. Hopefully all the progress won’t be lost!

ive been a addict for a while. im addicted to a certain plant containing opioids and after years of being on it I lack emotions, intrest, drive, and motivation. will magick still work with lack of emotion?? I can meditate and I am used to this substance therefore it dosent get me high, just gets me to basline