Help needed with a symbol

Hi… guys…
Hope you all are doing well and powerful

I need help with a symbol…
Tonight while I was closing my window I saw this symbol on my window glass…

Do any of you know what it means in magic or does it have any relevance
I didn’t draw it

Thanks guys

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I can’t really discern the symbol, as the pic is kinda dark. Is it a down-turned “ψ” ?

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I agree it looks like a trident. There’s so many things that could relate to, what it means to you will depend on your perception OP.



The Trident is associated with the sea-god Poseidon and his Roman counterpart Neptune. The trident is not a pitchfork and has different symbolism.

I know Focalor, the weeping demon uses this symbol as a sign, his element is water.

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Crows are associated with what divinity? And big lizards? I asked for a singnal of the Infernal Empire and i see 2 crows and a big lizard, large as a komodo dragon


Yes it is

Lucifer, the black crows are symbols of air and flight, the dragon symbols of power, and fire. Black is the color of Lucifer (Baal), fire is his element.


Then what they said should cover you.