Help needed urgently

I need help currently being haunted by a demon not one that I’ve summoned as I’ve only started it that recently this started about 6 months ago woke up to a tall well built shadow standing over my bed while I was sleeping I thought not much of it and starred at it for half an hour till I passed out back to sleep with exhaustion but over the past 6 weeks it’s become physical and leaving scratch marks down my back and bruises on my leg it doesn’t seem to matter if I’m a sleep or a wake when it attacks me and it doesn’t just happen when I’m in my own home I can be with friends and suddenly get a sharp burning sensation in my back for my friends to check and there be scratches down my back it doesn’t really answer question except it has answered it wants to hurt me and states that it’s here because of a past life and I don’t know what to do but as the weeks go on its getting more violent even my friends cat has seen it I crawled up like it was stalking something went to the middle of the room meowed and then ran away but didn’t break eye contact with the corner of the room I had a feelimg that something was behind me and it had been following me all day I felt standing behind me no matter where I went it was there except I decided to go through a church and it didn’t seem to like that I felt like a massive weight on my shoulders and when I left the church I suddenly went really depressed over nothing and now I don’t know what to do my friend can see things like this at first I thought he was lying until he described it perfectly without my saying a word he tried some ritual to get rid of it and it became very aggressive and felt it gripping my right shoulder and my left ribs please help with any suggestions?


Who did you summon? Oops sorry. I read this again. It’s not the demon you summoned… It’s someone else…
Any clues on the identity of this Demon? Anything the demon has said or done? Or things that have started to happen after the appearance of this demon in your life?

Alright, how long has this been happening?

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It started showing up 6 months ago making noise but as of recent as been attacking me and my friend physically it hasnt given any clue to what it is and doesn’t really answer questions but it’s becoming more violent as time goes on we have no idea why it is here and don’t know what to do

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One thing is for sure ,you are pretty old .:grin:
Past lives do exist but many including me haven’t had a lot of success of clear astral travels on it .
Your memory on former lifetimes is in you but it takes a lot of meditation and energy to grasp that memory .You belong to one of the 16 satanic bloodlines that have been around for centuries though you may not know of it . (I call it satanic because all the branches show Satan as the genesis).
Your hobbies or activities that excite you in this life show you what you have been or what you were in your former lifetime .I.e if you’re a priest ,that’s what you were in the former.
There is only one way out ,to appease the said spirit .
There is always a pattern with old vengeful spirits ,they can’t cross lifetimes “just like that”. There is a specific time of the day they come to you and a specific time they leave.Lifetimes have" gateways" or" portals " that can be crossed at specific times by specific demons not all demons.There are gatekeepers that allow movement through ,these are not to be confused by Hell gatekeepers ,they are different .This period you need to prepare a ritual space and meditate till it comes to your ritual space ,it will follow you anywhere you are .
As contact has already been established it will be easy for you to communicate as it is easily evoked by the virtue of it physically cutting your skin .
Speak to its energy and command it .(I said energy since it can only crossover as an energy.)
It will take time but it will respond .
You are part of the bloodline of witches and it can’t kill you but it can torment you .But one thing is for sure since you are part of the bloodline ,it will give you a chance at reconciliation through redemption .
If you fight it or summon spirits for aid it will be temporary ,the spirit might go but it will be back after sometime.
Ask what it wants and perform the task


Yeah I will talkimg to it but it’s not attached to me it’s also attached to my friend and attacking us both it always seems stronger by 3am to 4am but the attacks happen anytime during the day and we don’t understand why it has answered very few questions like it wants to hurt us and God doesn’t exist and are past life is the reason it’s here

Something like this? Read through the article. It has examples of the same type of nocturnal malicious spirit from cultures all over the globe.

I recommend getting yourself a black tourmaline and wearing it when you go to bed. Do you know how to sanctify a space to make it your own so that anything intending ill will is not allowed to be there? You should do that. Let me know if you need specifics.

Yeah, I keep going on about banishing rituals. Someone might be listening.



No I dint get sleep paralysis it’s just there its watching and gets physical like I said

@Tyler2018 I understand. Read the article I posted and ignore the bits about sleep paralysis. Basically every culture in the world has had experience with these things. It could give you insight.

What’s the importance?

Banishing and evoking rituals are the foundation of all Magick. Start with banishing. Performing a banishing WILL let spiritual entities know that you’re around. It’s like a searchlight comes on. Also, as you progress you’ll discover that there are a lot of really fucking nasty spiritual entities out there, often very subtle (at least to begin with). You need to be able to effectively banish these entities, when the need arises. And it will.

I’ve seen it (over and over again as it turns out). A new Magician decides to throw caution to the wind, disregard the age old teachings and just go for broke. And that’s what happens – the Magicians get broken because they can evoke or invoke entities but can’t banish.

Just keep rehearsing the banishing. Give it all you’ve got! Feel your words vibrating to the ends of the multiverse (even when you whisper). You’ll note changes that occur. After that, feel free to move on to evoking rituals.



I see thank you. My banishing ritual doesn’t follow a set program I just use my intention. Would that not be enough or safe enough?

Could be, but I’m old fashioned, trained in hermetic methodology. That’s why I’d strong recommend becoming proficient in a pentagram ritual until you’ve experienced and worked with the energies such rituals produce, then do what you like. At one time I was using vowel sound banishings/evokings, but only after I knew the sorts of energies and changes to look for. I don’t use vowel sounds anymore because it’s just not my thing.

With practice you can do a banishing very quickly.


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One word you can vibrate that will dispel pretty much anything: io. Kind of like “yo”. Longer. Draw it out like the ohm. When you vibrate, like @Uncle-Al says, give it your all.

For further help in it if it refuses communication ,summon the shadow spirit Shemhastiel .He is on of the three gateway spirits through lifetimes. He will definately bring the spirit troubling you for easier communication .

Is there any books/resources you can link on redemption/appeasing spirits?