Help; Need someone to forget

Situation: My brother told my friend i dabble in magic and stuff and now he keeps bringing it up in convos and stuff and i try my best to stop him from exposing me,
What can I do to cause him to forget this?

Dantalion to change someone’s mind .
Is the situation so dire that u can’t be exposed ?

No but I’m just not ok with people i don’t trust know stuff like this about me, this Kind of stuff has the potential to attract “attention”

Tell your brother to keep quiet about your magic. If he does not comply, introduce him to a math problem:

Hammer + his fingers = will you shut the fuck up now, bro?

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Alazif is my hero again today!!! You made math fun! Finally!!!

@Rico3232 Be sure to also tell the friend to drop it if you’re uncomfortable talking about it.

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